Migrant Tragedy Starts Again in Mediterranean


As the warmer weather comes around, many people turn their mind to their summer holidays or working in the garden.  But in areas of the world such as Libya, minds turn to the opportunity to try to make a dangerous journey across the Mediterranean to Europe. As the skies clear and the seas settle, hundreds will begin to attempt the crossing, mostly from sub-Saharan Africa.  These people are desperate and ay smugglers around £500 or $740 each to get a place on a crowded, unpowered and highly … [Read more...]

Remaining US Hostage Kayla Mueller Confirmed Dead

IS Hostages

US officials have confirmed the death of aid worker Kayla Mueller, the last remaining American hostage known to be held by the militants of Islamic State in Syria.  Her family were said to be ‘heartbroken’ by the news and released a letter she had written while a captive. President Obama paid tribute to her, says she represented what was best about America.  IS said she had died in a Jordanian airstrike but the Pentagon said they had little doubt that it was IS themselves who murdered … [Read more...]

Syria President Claims to be Helping Anti-IS Coalition


Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad has claimed that his government is received messages from the US-led coalition battling to defeat Islamic State.  He claims that while there has been no direction co-operation since the operation began in September, third parties such as Iraq were involved in passing information. Assad also denied that the Syrian government had been dropping barrel bombs on the rebel-held areas, resulting in the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians trapped in these … [Read more...]

IS Retreating from Key Syrian Town


Kurdish officials are reporting that militants from Islamic State (IS) are retreating from the key Syrian town of Kobane.  This follows the militants loosing around 20% of the town in the last few days.  US Defence officials add that hundreds of IS fighters have been killed around the town in the US-led air strikes. Meetings This came as President Barack Obama and European leaders were agreeing that more needed to be done in Iraq and Syria to stop the advance of IS.  Via video conference, Mr … [Read more...]

Syrian President Assad Re-Elected


The Syrian President Bashar Assad has been re-elected yesterday in what has been described as a landslide victory to his third term. President Assad was first elected to the position in 2000 with a reported 99.4% of the votes and re-elected in 2007 with 97.63% support. Yesterday the parliamentary speaker Jihad Laham announced that President Assad had received 88.7% of the votes in the 2014 presidential election. Officials have also released a statement placing the voter turnout at 73.42%. This … [Read more...]

More Deaths in Migrant Drowning Tragedy


The Italian Navy is reporting the deaths of at least 14 people off the southern Italian coast yesterday when a ship filled with migrants sunk, 100 miles from land.  The Navy rescued around 200 people who had also been on the ship. These deaths come just a day after another boat filled with illegal immigrants sank off the coast of Tripoli, Libya and saw the deaths of at least 40 people.  Another 50 were rescued and it is still unknown how many more were lost. Crossing point for Migrants The … [Read more...]

Syria Bashar Al-Assad Vows “Comply” by UN Resolution


The Syrian issue is one that has had the people on Earth on the edge of their seats, it has been filled with dramatic statements, dirty politics and, to some extent, diplomacy. The most major limelight Syria has gotten in the past few months is over its potential possession of chemical weapons. An issue over which the US had plans of intervening into Syria to destroy those weapons, however failed to do so due to the rejection of the idea by the international community. This is all alongside an … [Read more...]

Germany Says No to Military Strikes Against Syria


Guido Westerwelle, Germany’s Foreign Minister, has announced this weekend that Germany will not take part in possible military action against Syria. Instead Germany, in a position also shared with Russia, has promoted a potential United Nations’ inquiry as to whether chemical weapons have been actually used in Syria and, if so, what penalties should be imposed. The US President Barack Obama has recently asked permission from Congress to make a limited military strike against Syria in … [Read more...]