Mystery Sub Haunts Swedish Shores

Snowden granted asylum by Russia

Sweden’s coastline is well­known for its sweeping beauty, dotted with islands, and its proximity to several peaceful neighboring countries. Legends of mysterious creatures and sea­life have largely been reduced to mere fables and folktales. However, in the last few days strange sights have been reported off of Sweden’s coast. Eye­witness reports and photographs show a strange figure cruising along the coastline, but this is a fright of a much more recent origin. These photographs and reports … [Read more...]

Nicotine Poisoning Blamed on E-cigs

Nicotine poisoning

Threats of nicotine poisoning are now serving as the catalyst of new protests against electronic cigarettes, prompting some countries to consider regulating or banning the e-cigs.  The European Union is currently considering either bans or regulation, and some places such as Spain have already banned the e-cigs. Some cities in the US are also considering bans or stronger regulations on the products.   New York, Chicago, and Oklahoma City are also seeking regulation with some cities choosing … [Read more...]

Cinnamon Rolls without the Cinnamon for Denmark


Christmas of 2013 may be sadly remembered by Denmark’s residents as the last year of the authentic cinnamon roll, thanks to impending legislation from the European Union. A food safety act passed in 2008 by the EU threatens to limit the use of cinnamon in Danish rolls to 15 milligrams per kilogram of dough. This would be enough of a reduction to change the flavor of the famous rolls. Denmark’s government has classified the dish as a “non-seasonal” dish which has brought protests from … [Read more...]