Leaders Meet to Create Ukraine Peace Plan


The leaders of Russia, France and Germany have met in Moscow and are working on a peace plan that they are going to present to the Ukrainian president on Sunday.  Russian president Vladimir Putin, France’s Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel of Germany met for over four hours on Friday in what was described as ‘constructive and substantive’ discussions. Ceasefire They will now discuss their plans with Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko by phone on Sunday.  The plans include a revival of the … [Read more...]

Ukrainian Separatist Government Sworn In


The territorial conflict in the Ukraine continues to spark as the Pro-Russian, separatist leader Alexander Zakharchenko was sworn in this week as head of the breakaway government in the eastern part of the country. The rebels in the eastern, breakaway part of the Ukraine held elections earlier this month, which where condemned by the Ukrainian government of Petro Poroshenko in Kiev. This election will likely have severe repercussions for the tenuous peace-process begun between the Ukrainian … [Read more...]

Mystery Sub Haunts Swedish Shores

Snowden granted asylum by Russia

Sweden’s coastline is well­known for its sweeping beauty, dotted with islands, and its proximity to several peaceful neighboring countries. Legends of mysterious creatures and sea­life have largely been reduced to mere fables and folktales. However, in the last few days strange sights have been reported off of Sweden’s coast. Eye­witness reports and photographs show a strange figure cruising along the coastline, but this is a fright of a much more recent origin. These photographs and reports … [Read more...]

German Chancellor to Visit Ukraine in Aid Convoy Row

Ukraine Convoy

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, has travelled to the Ukraine the day after Russia sent an unauthorised aid convoy into the country in a move described as a dangerous escalation.  Over 100 lorries entered the eastern part of Ukraine on Friday despite being told not to by the Ukrainian government. The lorries continued to rebel-held areas then some have turned back and returned into Russian territory.  Western officials are concerned that the lorries were part of a military intervention … [Read more...]

Death Toll Continues to Rise in Ukraine

Kiev Ukraine

Conflicts between ethnic Russians and Ukrainians continue this week despite a recent ceasefire and possible negotiations between the Ukrainian and Russian governments. At least nine Ukrainian soldiers were killed in fighting in the eastern regions of Ukraine as the military attempts to retake ground claimed by ethnic Russian insurgents. These insurgents wish to break more territory off from the Ukraine and join the Russian Federation, following in the footsteps of insurgents in the Crimea who … [Read more...]

5 Die in Ukraine Crisis, Russia Launches Drills


Tensions continue to rise in eastern Ukraine as Russia begins military drills near the border and Ukrainian forces claim five pro-Russian militant lives. The threat of the escalating crisis prompted a statement by U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon asking both sides to refrain from violence, saying the situation could spin out of control. The Ukrainian Interior Ministry reported five pro-Russians were killed in clashes as Kiev attempted to reassert control over buildings and checkpoints held … [Read more...]

Alexei Navalny Convicted of Slander


The famous Russian dissenter Alexei Navalny was convicted of slandering a Russian official, a little-known man named Alexei Lisovenko, this week. Lisovenko alleged that Navalny tweeted that he was a drug addict this last month. For this offense he was fined nearly $10,000, however it is the likelihood that Russian prosecutors will seek to imprison Navalny, as he is awaiting yet another trial, that has caused the greatest concern. This possibility remains open, which many view as a new means of … [Read more...]

Suspected meteorite strikes in Russia

"2009 Leonid Meteor" by Ed Sweeney

Residents of northern Russia have quite possibly had not one, but two encounters with fireballs that have lit up the night’s sky, in less than two years.  The most recent incident occurred around 2 a.m. Russian time on Saturday, April 19; multiple drivers recorded images of a fireball streaking across the sky above Murmansk, in Northern Russia. Russia Today was the first to report that officials have not confirmed or denied that the object could have been a meteorite. Officials say that … [Read more...]

U.S. Urges Russia to Calm Separatists in Ukraine

Kiev Ukraine

Two days after a seven hour meeting resulted in a diplomatic deal intended to ease tensions in Ukraine, the primary parties met again in Kiev, and the U.S. called for Russia to calm pro-Russian separatists. Indications are that the U.S. will settle for a proposed autonomous region in eastern Ukraine, but concrete results of the pact remain in doubt. The Kiev meeting ended with a statement from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) saying participants would move ahead … [Read more...]

Troubles Continue in the Ukraine

Kiev Ukraine

After the loss of the Crimea in the last month the conflict between Russia and the Ukraine continue. The most recent dispute has circled over economic issues, specifically the rise in gas prices in Ukrainian imports of Russian natural gas. The Ukraine imports about half of its natural gas from the Russian-based company OAO Gazprom, which has increased its prices suddenly by around 80%. Ukrainian leaders have claimed that this is another act of Russian aggression, this time targeted at the … [Read more...]