The Hummingbird is out of the cage says Google

Google Hummingbird

No, it's not Twitter. Just today, Google revealed that it completed a major undertaking in changing the way searches operate.  It’s now known as Hummingbird by those internal to the giant Google.  It’s said that the search engine change will impact over ninety percent of the results returned worldwide.  Google has become a household word everywhere by people saying ‘Just Google’ it.  Two years ago, 2011, it was referred to as Panda. In April 2012, it was known as Penguin. Another Panda update … [Read more...]

Slight Improvement Signs for Endangered Species

Red squirrel

At least for a few of them. Those that are capable of picking up and reading a newspaper, a very select few of the more particularly talented members of the animal kingdom, were no doubt pleased to hear that Prince William has grown even fonder of the rare beasts of the world after the birth of his son. With the knowledge that some of these endangered species and creatures may not be around for his son Prince George, he is now inspired to have an even greater protective instinct for those not … [Read more...]