North Korea Sees Second Day of Internet Blackout

North Korea

North Korea seems to be having another day of troubles with its internet service, according to the internet performance monitoring company Dyn Research.  The company noted on its Twitter feed that there was a second outage yesterday afternoon that lasted around an hour. The first outage saw the internet become unavailable over most of North Korea but officials from the secretive country have yet to comment on the matter. Speculation The outages have led to speculation that they have been … [Read more...]

Sony Made Mistake Cancelling Film, Says Obama

Sony attack

President Barack Obama has voiced his opinion over the cancelling of a movie release by Sony Pictures following a cyber-attack from North Korea, calling it ‘a mistake’.  He said he was sympathetic to the concerns the company had but he thought that it was a bad idea to start ‘what way of doing business’. The statement came just hours after an announcement from the FBI that North Korea were officially responsible for the cyber-attack on Sony Pictures, which was described as a ‘game changer’ by … [Read more...]

North Korea Leader Appears in Public with Stick

North Korea

The leader of North Korean, Kim Jong-un, has made his first appearance in public since 3rd September, according to pictures released by the official news agency of the state.  Pictures showed him walking with a stick but the reason for this is unknown. The KCNA agency stated with the pictures that Mr Kim ‘gave field guidance’ at a newly built residential district for scientists.  The daily newspaper Rodong Sinmun also carried a number of pictures of the leader inspecting the … [Read more...]

Rumors Swirl Around NK Leader’s Health


Observers of the hermit kingdom, commonly known as North Korea, have begun to raise a number of questions concerning Kim Jong-un’s seemingly literal disappearance from the country’s media and international political spotlight. Kim Jong-un’s last widely known public appearance occurred over a month ago, which even for North Korean leadership is an unusually long time to remain unseen by outside observers. As a result, many have begun to speculate that the North Korean leader is in ill … [Read more...]

Third American Detained by North Korea


Yesterday North Korean officials announced that they had detained American tourist Jeffrey Edward Fowle, although this may not be his actual name, for alleged visa violations. He is the third American tourist to be detained since North Korea opened some of its areas to foreign visitors. The first, Kenneth Bae, has been detained for almost two years. North Korean authorities claimed that this American of Korean descent had entered North Korea in order to attempt to subvert the state. In April … [Read more...]

Obama Warns N Korea over Nuclear Tests

North Korea

Obama continued his tour of Asia with a stop in South Korea today, where he warned North Korea against undertaking any potential nuclear tests. North Korea has recently increased activity at the underground Punggye-ri nuclear test site, where the country has performed three other nuclear tests in the past. While observers note that this increased activity, seen at two of the entrances to the underground tunnels that lead into the compound, may not lead to any actual nuclear explosions the threat … [Read more...]

North Korea Fires on South Korea, Fire Returned


Everyone knows that the North and South Korean nations are perpetually on the brink of another war. In what has been a hostile environment since the end of the Korean War in 1953, the situation recently tensed up as the two countries exchanged artillery fire Monday. No one was injured in the exchanged, however, residents of five South Korean islands were forced to flee their homes, seeking shelter elsewhere. It is reported that both sides launched hundreds of artillery rounds at each other … [Read more...]

North Korea Flexes Its Muscles

North Korea

Our world is full of danger.  Terrorists continue to function, even with our constant vigilance and focus on security. At the recent Olympics in Sochi, Russia, there was a constant concern at the start of the games over protection of athletes and spectators.  The danger does not just come from rouge groups.  There are governments in the world that are equally as dangerous and in some cases more so, than any fringe terrorist organization.  North Korea continually shows why they must be on … [Read more...]

North Korea Again Confronts Human Rights Issues

North Korea flag

The United Nations’ report on human rights violations in North Korea is expected to be released in the upcoming week. The UN Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, as the group consolidating this report is called, has been working on this topic for nearly a year. This group was given the mandate by the UN to investigate the veracity of a number of claims concerning violations of human rights by the government of North Korea with the hope that this … [Read more...]

Kim Jong-Un and North Korean Government Shake-Up Confounds Observers

Kim Jong-Un

It is not surprising that intelligence observers keenly watch every minute change and rumor coming out of North Korea, as the country widely known as the ‘Hermit Kingdom’ jealously guards its many, and often unsavory, secrets. One of these changes, noted by South Korea’s National Intelligence Service, is that the current ruler Kim Jong-un’s uncle, Jang Song-thaek, has not been seen in the public eye in over a month. While unexpected vanishings are not an uncommon occurrence in North Korea, that … [Read more...]