Thunder Snow Kills Four in New York

Buffalo Snow

Four people have died in the New York city of Buffalo after a lake-effect storm dumped over 6 feet of snow on its residents in a three-day period, with more due to come.  One of the deaths was in a vehicle accident while the other three died from cardiac arrest while trying to shovel the snow, according to county executive spokesman Peter Anderson. Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz added that the storm had been light a knife to the heart of Erie County and that he couldn’t remember so much … [Read more...]

Which Universities Did Billionaires Attend?

Billionaires Universities

A new global census has been released examining if the super-rich are better educated or do they spurn a scholarship to dedicate themselves to making money? According to the census, around two thirds of billionaires have a university degree and this means that even for countries that have a high level of graduates, billionaires are disproportionately likely to have attended university. Insights The educational insights come from a yearly profile of the richest people, the Wealth-X and UBS … [Read more...]

Ebola Checks Start at New York’s JFK

JFK Airport

New York’s JFK airport is the first in the country to start screening people arriving from West Africa in an attempt to ensure Ebola doesn’t enter the country.  People arriving from the worst hit countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea will have their temperature taken and need to answer a series of questions. Similar checks at O’Hare in Chicago, Newark, Washington’s Dulles and Atlanta’s airport will be starting in the next few days.  This follows the first death in the country from … [Read more...]

Vouchers at farmers’ market help in food assistance


A new research in New York finds that if the popular farmers’ markets accept vouchers it would help families that are on food assistance programs when they eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Researcher Carolyn Dimitri and her team of the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies & Public Health at the New York University came to this conclusion after studying 281 economically disadvantaged women. Dimitri and her colleagues studied the women, who had children in the age group of 2 to 12 … [Read more...]

Methamphetamine-Like Substance Found in US Based Supplements


Are you a fan of body building? Well, you might want to think twice before going for any supplements. A recent study has shown that a meth-like substance has been found in supplements being sold in US by certain companies. The study has been conducted by USA and South Korea to confirm the presence of the chemical that resembles the famous recreational drug methamphetamine. This means there could be many health-related issues that can be associated with those products as well as raising concerns … [Read more...]

National Monuments Reopening Despite Government Shutdown

National Monuments

Seeing communities in their states financially hurt by the shutdown some state officials have done what those in Washington have thus far failed to accomplish. They have worked out a deal to reopen a number of national monuments to the public. For many states national monuments and park contribute much to their economy in the form of tourist dollars so a few are willing to use state funds to see them back in operation and open to the public. Governors of a several states requested the … [Read more...]

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Meets With Pakistani Counterpart

Manmohan Singh

The Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh, ended his visit to New York yesterday after a week’s worth of strenuous activity and travel. Last week Prime Minister Singh addressed the United Nation General Assembly concerning his worries on potential terrorist attacks and violence originating from across India’s shared border with Pakistan. The anxiety that terrorists are traveling through, or originating from, Pakistan has been one of long standing in India. The two countries have been in … [Read more...]