Mexican Gang Members Admit to Students Killings

Mexico Students

Three alleged gang members have confessed to killing more than 40 students that have been missing for six weeks, according to Mexican Attorney General Jesus Murillo.  He said the gang member said that the students were handed over to them by police with some already having been asphyxiated.  They then shot the rest and set fire to the bodies. A total of 43 students went missing on 26th September in the town of Iguala after clashing with the police there.  The suspects, from the Guerreros … [Read more...]

Mexico Considers Limits on Soda


Mexico has joined a number of state and local governments who have decided to take action against the rising rate of obesity through attempts to limit the consumption of soft drinks. While bans on certain sizes of soft drinks have fallen through in places like New York City, Mexico has instead tackled the problem in the same way many activists in the United States chipped away at tobacco consumption: though the limitation of advertising. As of the promulgation of the law soft drink ads will be … [Read more...]

Obama Steps Up Mexican Border Fight


President Obama has announced that he intends to use his own powers to step up the fight against illegal border crossings along the Mexican border.  It follows the Republicans telling the president that a sweeping new immigration bill that passed the Senate last year, will not see a vote in the House this year. Therefore, Mr Obama has decided to use his presidential powers to tackle the issue.  The US has seen a rapid rise in the number of children attempting the border crossing in recent … [Read more...]

Mexican Cartel Boss Joaquin Guzman Caught

Mexican Cartel Boss Joaquin Guzman

The leader of the Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, was finally caught in a dawn raid in the popular resort city of Mazatlan. The raid occurred so quickly and suddenly that Guzman’s bodyguards did not have time to react to the raid and mounted no defense to the influx of armed men, and Guzman himself was caught naked in bed with an untouched AK-47 nearby. This was the dénouement of a series of arrests these last few months that ate away at those closest to the cartel leader … [Read more...]

Missing Cobalt-60 Found in Mexico


This Wednesday the massive search for a stolen truck containing 60 grams of the highly radioactive element Cobalt-60 that stretched across six states in Mexico came to an end when the materials were found in an empty lot not far from a small farming town, and rumored to be within less than 100 yards distant from a nursery school. The hunt for the missing truck and its highly lethal contents began early on Monday, when a truck driver in the Mexican state of Hidalgo, who was sleeping next to a gas … [Read more...]

Bodies of Missing Youths Found in Mexico

Mexican youths found

On Thursday August 22nd thirteen bodies of missing youths found in Mexico buried at a ranch east of Mexico City and officials have confirmed five are among those identified at this time. Testing and forensics investigation on the other bodies is still ongoing. The five young people so far identified were part of a group of twelve youths who disappeared after visiting a bar in May. The bar known as the Heaven club located in the Zona Rosa area of Mexico City released it's surveillance footage … [Read more...]

Mexico Sues Billionaire Carlos Slim

Mexico Sues Carlos Slim

Mexican business tycoon and philanthropist, Carlos Slim, faces charges following a lawsuit filed by the government on alleged exploitation by Telmex to its customers. Mexico sues billionaire Carlos Slim, Mexico Telmex chairman and chief executive over alleged illegal fee charging. The world’s richest man has been linked to increased phone rates that have been dubbed comparable to those charged on already developed nations. The federal consumer protection agency filed the lawsuit in a civil … [Read more...]