NASA Confirms Streaks on Mars Caused by Liquid Water

Following the big build up over the last few days about a big announcement, NASA has confirmed that it now believes that dark streaks seen on Mars are caused by periodic flows of liquid water.  Data from the NASA satellite shows these features on slopes are also associated with salt deposits.  These salts could alter the freezing and vaporisation points of water in the thin Martian atmosphere and allowing the water to stay in a fluid state long enough to move. The findings of the report have … [Read more...]

Mars Rover Finds Liquid Water Evidence

The NASA operated Curiosity Rover currently at work touring Mars has found evidence that water exist in a liquid form near the surface of the red planet.  It was always thought that Mars was too cold to support liquid water on its surface but salts contained in the soil means the freezing point is lowered and briny films can form. The findings support the theory proposed by some that the dark streaks seen on the surface of the planet such as crater walls may have been formed by flowing … [Read more...]

Mysterious Haze on Mars Confuses Experts

Scientists have been left baffled by a mysterious haze that has been seen high above Mars.  The plume was spotted by amateur astronomers back in 2012 and has since appeared twice before vanishing again. Analysis of the images has now led scientists to realise that the formation stretches around 1,000km and is far larger than anything of this nature seen before on Mars. Cloud A report in the journal Nature said that researchers think that the plume could be an exceptionally bright aurora or … [Read more...]

NASA: Humans on Mars by 2035

After NASA just recently landed a washing machine-sized, the agency is already looking forward to what they hope will be their next cosmic journey: Mars. Dr. Ellen Stofan, NASA’s lead scientist, wants to land a human on the fourth planet from the sun by the mid-2030’s. Mars, according to Stofan, would be the most rational choice for a planet to explore outside of Earth. She noted that humans could thrive on the planet – not out in the open – but without egregious modifications. Sounds … [Read more...]

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Due For A Pit Stop

The Mars Curiosity rover will be taking a pit stop soon to allow NASA scientists to evaluate damage that has occurred to the wheels of the rover during the last months. While wear and tear was expected and planned for in the 98-week- long mission, more damage has been occurring lately possibly due to the operation of the rover on areas that had sharp rocks. The rover will be brought to a flat area in the Gale Crater landing zone and scientists will use the onboard cameras to inspect the … [Read more...]

India’s Mission to Mars back on Track after Engine Failure

On Tuesday, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) was able to successfully move the Mars space craft, Mangalyaan, into a higher orbit around Earth.  The ISRO attempted the maneuver on Monday but an engine failure nixed their plans. The Mars Orbiter Mission had complications with a liquid fuel thruster in the onboard propulsion system which delayed the rocket’ move to the higher orbit and the expected altitude gain of 62,000 miles above Earth. The Mars Orbiter Mission was approved by … [Read more...]