Malaysian Opposition Trial Soon Over


The leader of the political opposition and member of the Malaysian parliament Anwar Ibrahim, 67 years old, will likely be sentenced this Thursday, October 30th, in the reoccurring sodomy trial the Malaysian government has pursued against him. Anwar Ibrahim was charged with committing sodomy against one of his former aides several years ago. He was originally exonerated after a trial in 2012, however the Malaysian government appealed the ruling and an appeals court reversed the acquittal earlier … [Read more...]

Middle East Virus Spreads to Asia


Infectious disease experts have released news this week that the Middle East Respiratory Virus has spread into Asia when a Malaysian man passed away after returning from a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia last month. The man resided near Malaysia’s boundary with Singapore, a densely populated urban area, however it should be noted that the virus has only infected those who have recently traveled to the Middle East. He is one of 93 deaths of the nearly three hundred people who have been confirmed to … [Read more...]

Recent Execution in North Korea Raises Concern Over Further Purging

North Korea

A sudden announcement that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had ordered and had carried out the execution of his uncle, Jang Song-thaek, on Friday, Dec. 13 thrust the country back into the international spotlight in an unexpected way. Song-thaek had been removed from his political office last month (for a second time) and was branded a traitor to the state. The Korean Central News Agency report that first released the announcement reported that a military tribunal the previous day had found … [Read more...]