Top 10 Most Stolen Cars

Honda Accord

The National Insurance Crime Bureau “Hot Wheels” program released its top 10 most stolen cars list of 2012 in August of 2013.  While data is still incomplete for 2013, the list still presents a picture of the most popular stolen vehicles. These vehicles were reported stolen to the National Crime Information Center.  States report their information to the NCIC to help police track down stolen vehicles. The “Hot Wheels” program lists were expanded this year to show more data and include … [Read more...]

Shock as another Honda Fit Recall Initiated

Honda customers wary of yet another fire hazard related incident. The company announced over the weekend that 686,000 autos around the world were likely to cause fire The second Honda fit recall is likely to have affected more than 686,000 vehicles. In a statement by Honda Spokesman Chris Martin last weekend, the Fit and City recall mainly links back to the 2007-2008 models although 2002-2008 Fit may also lie in the same list. According to Martin, the first time the company tried fixing … [Read more...]