HIV Evolving to Less Infectious Version of Itself


According to a new study conducted by the University of Oxford, England, HIV is becoming less infectious and less deadly.  The team has discovered that the virus is being watered down as it adapts to human immune systems. This means it is taking longer for HIV infections to become Aids and these changes may help efforts to control the pandemic.  Some virologists suggest this change may mean that the virus could eventually become nearly harmless as it continues its evolution. Master of … [Read more...]

Difficulties Persist in HIV Research


New research into HIV, which is the viral infection that eventually leads to AIDS, has discovered what may be a ray of hope for the many scientists who have had difficulties in developing a cure for the endemic disease. Scientists from The Scripps Research Institute, which is a non-profit biomedical research center based in California, have published a new article in the journal Cell discussing their finding of antibodies in certain patients infected with HIV. These patients have developed … [Read more...]