2013 Flu Symptoms Warning and What to Expect

Autumn has officially arrived – and with it is another flu season. Why the flu season starts just when the cold weather begins is still quite a mystery to scientists, but one thing they are sure of is that citizens should be aware of 2013 flu symptoms to prevent massive outbreaks.   Flu symptoms usually manifest from one day to seven days after a person’s exposure to the virus, and are typically more serious than the signs of a common cold. The affected individual may feel or show the … [Read more...]

Researchers Rethink “Safe” Sugar Levels

A new study suggests as little as three sugary drinks a day could affect health more than previously believed. A detailed study of mice found those some consuming a diet including a sugar water mixture died at younger ages, and showed serious problems with survival behavior.   In humans medical experts have long believed eating a healthy diet and consuming processed sugar in small amounts equivalent to three sodas a day was safe, and wouldn't cause serious ill-effect. This recent … [Read more...]

Science Seeking Answers to Mosquitoes


Zooming around two other guests at an outdoor event mosquitoes appear to select one particular unfortunate to feast on leaving everyone else with few bites. Those unlucky enough to become a common target of mosquitoes are certain to wonder why, and now researchers are looking for the  answer. Itchy bumps on the skin from the tiny arthropod aren't the only reason to want to avoid bites. The West Nile virus carried by some species of mosquitoes can cause febrile illness, encephalitis, and … [Read more...]

Health Care Reform Delay: Businesses Given One Year

The White House announced Tuesday, July 2nd a health care reform delay: businesses given a one year reprieve. Valerie Jarrett, Senior Adviser to President Obama, stated that the administration is responding to issues raised by business leaders.  Furthermore, Jarrett stated that this gives businesses more time to comply with the requirements of providing coverage to employees.   Many business leaders, politicians both Democrat and Republican, economists and political analysts have voiced concern … [Read more...]

Type 1 Diabetes Reverse Vaccine

A new study into a “reverse vaccine” for Type I Diabetes patients offers a new treatment strategy. In a recent clinic trail researchers at Stanford University tested the vaccine and found promising results in combating Type 1 diabetes. In Type 1 diabetes the body doesn't produce insulin, the hormone necessary to convert food into energy. The standard treatment for this condition is insulin therapy which allows the body to break down sugars and starches. Individuals with Type 1 face other … [Read more...]