Google Vice President Warns of Digital Dark Age

Vint Cerf, one of the ‘fathers’ of the Internet, has said he is very concerned that images and documents will be lost eventually as the computers they are saved on become obsolete.  Currently the Vice-President of Google, Mr Cerf has said that as systems fall out of use, the data stored on them could be lost. He is concerned that in the future, there will be little or no record of the 21st century as we enter what he terms a digital Dark Age. Technology Speaking at the annual meeting of the … [Read more...]

US Allows More Detailed Satellite Imagery

Digital Glove Satellite

Sites that use satellite imagery to build up maps and views of the world such as Bing Maps and Google will now be allowed to use a high quality satellite.  The US government has lifted a ban on restrictions that meant these companies were not allow to feature anything smaller than 50cm. Repercussions One company, Digital Globe, has already stated it would now sell images showing features that are as small as 31cm but lawyers are concerned about the repercussions from people worried about … [Read more...]

Google Purchases The Nest With A Hint Of Apple

What do The Nest and Apple have in common?  Hint: The answer has something to do with money, lots of it!  Answer:  Google. There is gossip in the world of Tech, at least according to USA Today, and that is Google wants to run our home.  To be honest, Google already runs my computer, so the next step up is my home.  What is going on?  Read on. Google bought Nest with its chump change of US$3.2 billion.  The proud owner sealed the deal when the stock market closed on Monday, January 13, … [Read more...]

Google-owned Motorola Mobility Shakes Things Up

Big things are coming for the Motorola Corporation, which Google purchased in August 2013. Last week, Motorola Mobility unveiled the Moto G in several locations - the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany as well as areas of Latin America and Asia in the coming months. Moto G phones are available in the United Kingdom as of Nov. 25, while the new phones hit U.S. stores in January 2014, according to the Motorola web site. These phones are available in the United Kingdom with pay-as-you-go … [Read more...]

The Hummingbird is out of the cage says Google

Google Hummingbird

No, it's not Twitter. Just today, Google revealed that it completed a major undertaking in changing the way searches operate.  It’s now known as Hummingbird by those internal to the giant Google.  It’s said that the search engine change will impact over ninety percent of the results returned worldwide.  Google has become a household word everywhere by people saying ‘Just Google’ it.  Two years ago, 2011, it was referred to as Panda. In April 2012, it was known as Penguin. Another Panda update … [Read more...]