Warning Issues over Alaska Permafrost Melt Speed

A top expert on the subject of permafrost has warned that the recent rate of warming in this frozen layer is ‘unbelievable’ and that he expects part of the permafrost in Alaska to start to thaw by 2070.  This melt would release methane gases frozen into the ice and could make climate change even more severe. Professor Vladimir Romanovsky said that the rise in temperatures in the permafrost in the last four years has shown him that his concerns are very real. Frozen soil So what is … [Read more...]

Two Hot Years to Come Predict Climate Experts

According to research conducted by the UK’s Met Office, the next two years could be the hottest on record globally.  It predicts that there are major changes in the climate system around the globe with greenhouse gases having a growing impact on the natural trends of climate. The research shows that a major El Nino event is building up in the Pacific and this is expected to have a knock on effect around the world.  Yet despite this, summers across Europe could actually be cooler while the … [Read more...]

Satellites Show Dramatic Ice Loss in Antarctica

Scientists studying data collected by satellite have seen a sudden and dramatic change in the behaviour of the glaciers on the Antarctica Peninsula.  The ice streams had been generally stable until 2009 but since then have been losing somewhere in the region of 56 billion tons of ice each year to the ocean. The details of the study, led by the Bristol University in the UK, were published in the journal Science and conclude that the warm waters from the deep sea could be behind the … [Read more...]

Global warming may subvert war on poverty, says World Bank

Whether you stand on the left or the right, it’s time to agree:   Climate change is real.   And our current climate change, global warming, is very real.   A new report on the impact of global warming asserted that a continuing rise in temperatures could truncate crop yields and water supplies in many poverty-stricken areas around the world.   The report, released by World Bank, warned that less-fortunate regions of the world would no-doubt experience … [Read more...]

Subglacial Lakes Discovered in Greenland

British researchers have revealed that the seemingly solid ice of Greenland conceals two subglacial lakes. These lakes reside 800 meters below the surface of Greenland’s ice sheet and may provide an insight into the effects of global warming on the environment.   While it is widely known that Antarctica is home to hundreds of subglacial lakes, the recent finding of the Greenland lakes was a revelation to scientific communities. They were detected via airborne radar, and the area of … [Read more...]