2015 Mustang Ford Celebrates 50 years of the “Ponycar”

2015 Mustang

On Dec. 5, 2013, Ford released its preview of the 2015 Mustang which will be due for release in late 2014 according to the company’s website. The Mustang has been in production since 1964 and will feature a number of new designs for the 2015 model to enhance performance, safety and comfort. The 2015 Mustang will be available with three different engines with displacements from a turbocharged 2.3 liter to a 5.0 liter V-8. The 2.3 liter Ecoboost engine is turbocharged and is rated at 305 hp … [Read more...]

Dodge Charger Speeds Cops Pursuit

dodge charger

If the flashing lights and siren don’t convince you to slow down, then the speed of the latest cop car favorite should encourage you to pull over. Even more surprising is the Dodge Charger isn’t a small sportier car, it’s built for rugged use. Ford Motors’ move to discontinue the Crown Victoria makes sense at this point despite the fact this vehicle was for many years a standard for law enforcement cruisers. Currently the Detroit manufacturers are able to offer an array of vehicles for police … [Read more...]

New Technology on 2014 Ford Police Interceptor to Protect Police

Police Interceptor

Ford is offering a new piece of technology on its 2014 Ford Police Interceptor sedan and sport utility vehicles designed to protect law enforcement officials. The new surveillance mode technology uses Ford’s already existent drive-assistant technology to help protect police officers.  Using a combination of Ford’s backup camera, cross-traffic detection sensors, and reverse park assist, the car can sound a chime alerting the officer, roll-up the driver’s window, and lock the doors if it … [Read more...]

2014 V6 Pickup Trucks Compete in Fierce Market

Along with summer in many parts of the country, the pickup truck market is getting hotter than ever. Truck makers, spurned on by the improvements in the economy, are looking to secure V6 truck sales for 2014. Chrysler’s RAM 1500 Diesel and Ford’s F-150 Tremor are ready to compete against GM’s Chevrolet Silverado 1500. Chrysler recently confirmed the 2014 RAM 1500 Diesel, officially dubbed the EcoDiesel, to join the pickup’s summer lineup as a 3-liter turbodiesel V6. This release will make … [Read more...]

Legendary Automotive Racer Carroll Shelby Dies

Auto legend racer and reputed car designer Carroll Shelby passed on in a Dallas hospital from undisclosed cause at the age of 89. Carroll Shelby, renowned for his dealings with two American Vehicle manufacturing companies, Ford and Chrysler, died at the age of 89 in 2012 from undisclosed cause. Shelby gained his reputation by racing cars and designing vehicles. From his associations with the Shelby Cobra sports car, the American citizen continued to demonstrate his passion to race cars. … [Read more...]