Protests Lead to State of Emergency in Ferguson

A state of emergency has been put into place in the city of Ferguson following protests to mark the anniversary of the death of Michael Brown, the black teenager shot by police.  Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has called for the protests to remain peaceful. The city was already tense following the wounding of another teenager in a gun battle by police on Sunday, though Tyrone Harris, 18, was later charged with assaulting the officers. Problems Michael Brown was 18 when he was shot last August … [Read more...]

Two Officers Shot in Ferguson Unrest

Two police officers have been shot in the early hours of Thursday morning as a demonstration to celebrate the resignation of Ferguson’s police chief turned to violence and gunfire.  One officer was a St Louis police offer who was struck in the shoulder while the other, a Webster Groves officer, was struck in the face, according to St Louis Police Chief Jon Belmar. Both officers have been hospitalised but are said to be conscious. The officers were part of a group from various jurisdictions … [Read more...]

Ferguson Protests Spread Around the Country

Groups of people around the country have rallied to protest against the decision on Monday not to charge a policeman over the killing of the black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.  Demonstrations across cities such as New York and Seattle were peaceful but there was rioting in Oakland, California. Around Ferguson itself, a suburb of St Louis, 2,200 National Guard troops were deployed after major riots on Monday to stop further unrest. Response The white officer who shot the … [Read more...]

Night of Violence After Ruling in Ferguson

The St Louis suburb of Ferguson has seen the worst night of rioting and looting since the shooting of Michael Brown in August following a jury decision not to bring charges.  The local police said that the violence was worse than in the immediate aftermath of the black teenagers death and around 150 shots were said to have been fired by the crowd. Mr Brown was shot by a white police officer on the 9th August and his death led to protests.  Many in the African American community called for … [Read more...]