Ukrainian Separatist Government Sworn In


The territorial conflict in the Ukraine continues to spark as the Pro-Russian, separatist leader Alexander Zakharchenko was sworn in this week as head of the breakaway government in the eastern part of the country. The rebels in the eastern, breakaway part of the Ukraine held elections earlier this month, which where condemned by the Ukrainian government of Petro Poroshenko in Kiev. This election will likely have severe repercussions for the tenuous peace-process begun between the Ukrainian … [Read more...]

Presidential Elections Held in Afghanistan


Presidential election booths in Afghanistan closed today with a sigh of relief for many. While the results of the election will likely only be tallied next month, as many isolated districts will have to ship their ballots into the capital city of Kabul in order to be counted, the suspense of this election largely circled around worries that the Taliban would make several terror attacks at polling stations. The Taliban is an ongoing threat in Afghanistan, and their acts of terrorism are frequent … [Read more...]