Global population not convinced by climate change, says UN poll


The articles are everywhere. Climate change is here. Rightfully so, because the figures and data reveal that Earth’s climate is undeniably changing, and in-all-likelihood, changing for the bad. But do you actually believe it? And if you do believe, exactly how important is climate change to you? A recent poll conducted by the United Nations shed light on both those questions. According to the poll, which surveyed 6.5-million people across the globe, climate change is at the … [Read more...]

Global warming may subvert war on poverty, says World Bank


Whether you stand on the left or the right, it’s time to agree:   Climate change is real.   And our current climate change, global warming, is very real.   A new report on the impact of global warming asserted that a continuing rise in temperatures could truncate crop yields and water supplies in many poverty-stricken areas around the world.   The report, released by World Bank, warned that less-fortunate regions of the world would no-doubt experience … [Read more...]

Fossil Fuels Should Be Phased Out by 2100

Fossil Fuels

According to a new expert panel report backed by the UN, the unrestricted use of fossil fuels should be phased out by 2100.  This is to avoid dangerous climate changes, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The panel said that most of the world’s electricity can be produced from low carbon sources by 2050 and it is vital that this is done.  If not, the world faces ‘severe, pervasive and irreversible’ damage.  The UN also warned following the report that inaction … [Read more...]

Climate change undeniable, says U.N. report


A 116-page report released Sunday by a United Nations panel described climate change as undeniably transparent and its effects as unparalleled. The report, put together by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, concluded that human influence on our climate is undeniable. It cited population and economic growth as contributors to growing greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, the earth has and will continue to warm at dangerous levels. Additionally, the report referenced emaciated … [Read more...]

Carbon Dioxide Levels Rising Quickest since 1984

Mauna Loan Monitoring Station, WMO

A new report from the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) has shown that the surge in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels is increasing at its fastest rate since 1983.  Concentrations of the gas between 2012 and 2013 reached record new levels and highlights the need for a global climate treaty. The WMO’s Greenhouse Gas Bulletin is issued annually and records how much of the warming gases are still in the atmosphere after the complex interactions take place in the air, over the land and … [Read more...]

UN warns of ‘Profound’ Risks Due to Climate Change

Climate Change

A major report from the UN has warned that the effects of global warming are set to be ‘severe, pervasive and irreversible’.  Scientists meeting in Japan have delivered what is described as the most comprehensive assessment to date of climate change and its effects. Some of the impacts discussed including higher risks of flooding and crop yields changing due to water availability.  Humans can adapt to some of these changes but only within certain limits. The building of sea walls and … [Read more...]

First Americans Trapped in Beringia by Climate Change

Beringia history

The first Americans to cross from Asia to the New World may have been trapped there by climate change.  The story of the Native American ancestors walking across the Bering Strait land bridge has been known for some time.  But in a new twist, it may be they were trapped there when the climate changed and glacial melt flooded the bridge. Genetic proof has been given that Asian populations crossed the area known as Beringia around 25,000 years ago.  But anthropologist Dennis O’Rourke of the … [Read more...]