Clashes Continue in Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Protests

Hong Kong

In the continuation of clashes between the authorities and the pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong, streets in the Mong Kok district have been taken back from the police.  The protestors confirmed they have retaken the area that they had been expelled from just hours earlier. Around 9000 protestors were involved in pushing back riot police to take territory to the south of a major intersection in the district.  They had been occupying the area for a number of weeks, involved in protests … [Read more...]

Woman in China Missing Cerebellum


Physicians in China were shocked to discover that an otherwise healthy young woman had been born without a cerebellum. The cerebellum is an important part of the brain, thought to be in control of fine motor movements and balance. The 24-year-old woman had complained of dizziness her whole life, but vertigo had not stopped her from living a seemingly typical life. However, she had been having recent spells of severe nausea and vomiting, which resulted in her seeking medical care to find the … [Read more...]

Black Death Claims New Victim


The bubonic plague, notorious as the suspected cause of the Black Death that swept through Europe in the Late Middle Ages, has made a new reappearance in the city of Yumen in northwestern China. As of this last week the disease has only claimed one victim, an unidentified male resident of the city, however travel restrictions have been applied to the region and many of the town’s citizens who may be infected with the potentially lethal contagion through contact with the victim have been placed … [Read more...]

13 Killed in an Attack in China


According to news sources in China police have killed 13 attackers during an extremist attack against a police building in the western province of Xinjiang. While reports from the area have been limited due to many officials refusing to give comments on the situation, a few details have come out. The attack occurred today in the Kashgar prefecture, which has a population of around three million, when one vehicle was driven into an office building for the local police. The vehicle appears to have … [Read more...]

U.S. – China Tensions over Hacking Allegations

China Cyberspying

China has denounced the US decision to identify and issues charges again five Chinese army officers who are accused of hacking major American businesses.  State news agency Xinhua reported that the Foreign Ministry in Beijing has summoned the US ambassador Max Baucus late on Monday and the threat of a full diplomatic incident is close by. It follows announcements earlier in the day from US Attorney General Eric Holder that the men, who are all members of the People’s Liberation Army, had … [Read more...]

Japan Again in Hot Water over Comfort Women, Nanking

Comfort women Japan

Controversy has again erupted in East Asia with the announcement that the government of the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will be reviewing the testimony of several so-called Comfort Women, potentially leading to the revising of the 1993 apology issued by then Chief Cabinet Secretary Yohei Kono. This has already sparked criticism by both South Korean and Chinese authorities, as well as numerous statements from groups representing the surviving women and their families. While the current … [Read more...]

China destroys 6.15 Tons of Illegally-Harvested Ivory

illegal ivory

Wildlife experts say this is just a fraction of the country’s seized ivory. China took an unprecedented step this week in their quest to crack down on illegal trade of ivory. The country destroyed 6.15 tons of illegally-harvested ivory on Jan. 6, in Dongguan. Media reports say this is as much as one sixth of the illegally-harvested ivory that has been harvested worldwide since 2012. The public destruction of the confiscated ivory was the first public event of its kind in the nation, which … [Read more...]

New Island in Japan Dubbed Snoopy


Peanuts fans and volcanologists, especially those who happen to be both, had quite a New Year’s surprise this week when a newly formed island combined with an older island in a way that created a spitting image of the beloved comic character Snoopy. The combination of the two resemble the cartoon pet when viewed from above, and even a stream of bright red seawater flowing across the island completes the impression as it is in the perfect location to be the dog’s bright red collar. Due to this, … [Read more...]

Recent Execution in North Korea Raises Concern Over Further Purging

North Korea

A sudden announcement that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had ordered and had carried out the execution of his uncle, Jang Song-thaek, on Friday, Dec. 13 thrust the country back into the international spotlight in an unexpected way. Song-thaek had been removed from his political office last month (for a second time) and was branded a traitor to the state. The Korean Central News Agency report that first released the announcement reported that a military tribunal the previous day had found … [Read more...]

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe Rocks the Domestic Economy

Shinzo Abe

Readers will remember that in recent weeks the tensions between China and Japan over the uninhabited Senkaku/Daioyu Island chain increased due to China claiming that the airspace over the region fell under Chinese air defense. Japanese protests were joined by the United States and the European Union, however this last week has seen a tangible effect in the Japanese economy of the fallout from this impasse. The current Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who has been aggressive towards potential … [Read more...]