Gilead’s new Hepatitis C drug to cost more


Gilead Sciences Inc, which has its headquarters at Foster City in California, is likely to increase the price of its next generation version of Hepatitis C drug that is to be released into the international market during October. The American biotech company that develops and also commercializes therapeutics is already under fire for its $84,000 cost of hepatitis C drug. The new version of drug is going to be even more expensive. Ever since the release of this information, Gilead's stock … [Read more...]

Potential Case of Ebola in California


The health group Kaiser Permanente announced today that a hospital in Sacramento, California has put one of their patients in isolation due to concerns that the individual had been exposed to the Ebola virus. The virus is currently raging through several countries in West Africa and, due to the growth in international travel over the last two decades, health officials have been concerned that the outbreak may spread even further. As a result, hospitals worldwide have been proactive in ensuring … [Read more...]

Manhunt for TB positive patient in California


Police in northern California have obtained an arrest warrant and are searching for a homeless fugitive tuberculosis patient who had refused treatment and may be contagious. The patient from Mexico, Eduardo Rosas Cruz, 25, was diagnosed with tuberculosis at an emergency room in March. He, however, fled when he was asked to stay in the area for treatment. Doctors and health officials are worried Cruz may have been infected with a strain of TB that is drug-resistant. Dr Alvaro Garza of … [Read more...]

California in the grip of severe drought

For the first time this century, the entire state of California, US’s most populous state, is in the grip of a crippling drought. The drought has been impacting the state for the third year in a row, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. U.S. Drought Monitor is a federal website that has been tracking drought across the country since 2000. ‘Exceptional’ drought conditions cover most of the central parts of the state, including the entire SanFrancisco Bay Area. Los Angeles and San Diego … [Read more...]

California’s city to tax soda to fight obesity

California’s city of Berkeley Tuesday proposed to place an additional tax on sugary drinks in a bid to fight obesity. It is interesting to observe that in the past similar proposals had failed in other United States cities. On Tuesday, officials in the town said there would be a vote on July 1 to consider whether to have such a tax. The measure was taken up after a survey of 500 potential voters showed that were keen to have such a tax. Martin Bourque of the Berkeley Ecology Center said … [Read more...]

Top Camping Spots for the Summer

Assateague Horse

With the summer approaching and the weather turning warm (hopefully) thoughts begin to turn to holidays and weekend trips.  For those of the camping persuasion, there are so many choices of where to pitch your tent, it can be mind-blowing.  So here are a few that have been recommended by others are top camping spots to try out this summer. Vermont The Green Mountain National Forest is known for its Long Trail, the oldest long distance trail in the US.  It runs along the ridge of the Green … [Read more...]

Top Spots to Visit in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Hot Spots

Los Angeles is the most populous city in the US, and there is a wealth of places to visit for any taste, from historic sites to art galleries and theatres.  Here is just a tiny taster of them… The Hollywood Sign It is probably impossible to visit Los Angeles and not visit the Hollywood Sign.  The iconic landmark stands on Mount Lee in the Hollywood Hills part of the Santa Monica Mountains and spells out Hollywood in 45 foot tall white letters.  It was first created I 1923 to advertise real … [Read more...]

Darren Sharper In Jail Again, Possibly More to Come

Darren Sharper in trouble

When you have had a career as a star NFL safety you are used to being in the limelight. For most players after retirement you just fade into obscurity. For Darren Sharper that unfortunately hasn’t been the case.   Darren Sharper a former star safety for the New Orleans Saints was out on bond for a California rape charge, when an indictment was issued for his arrest for rape. Sharper who was an NFL analyst for NFL network surrendered himself to authorities in Los Angeles this week to … [Read more...]

Herbalife Under Scrutiny For Sales Tactics

The makers of the Herbalife nutritional supplement and weight loss product have had a bad week. First, a report by Chinese media named the company as a pyramid scheme. Then, Massachusetts Sen. Edward Markey called for an investigation into the company by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  Also last week, California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris’ office agreed to meet with critics of the nutritional supplement, to discuss claims that the … [Read more...]

U.S. Weather Features Oklahoma Winter Earthquake


As if freezing conditions were not enough to see much of the United States shaking Saturday’s earthquake in Oklahoma City was enough to rattle many residents living north of Oklahoma City. The 4.5 magnitude quake hit around 12:10 p.m. (CST), and was compared to having a small train rumbling by for a few seconds by those living in Edmond Oklahoma. Earthquakes are rare in Oklahoma, and like the one Saturday few have resulted in serious harm. Saturday’s quake resulted in no reports of serious … [Read more...]