Google Purchases The Nest With A Hint Of Apple

What do The Nest and Apple have in common?  Hint: The answer has something to do with money, lots of it!  Answer:  Google. There is gossip in the world of Tech, at least according to USA Today, and that is Google wants to run our home.  To be honest, Google already runs my computer, so the next step up is my home.  What is going on?  Read on. Google bought Nest with its chump change of US$3.2 billion.  The proud owner sealed the deal when the stock market closed on Monday, January 13, … [Read more...]

Google Wallet Aims to Gain Traction with Debit Card

The idea is brilliant; the execution, not so much. This is how some critics describe Google Wallet. Industry analysts are saying that Google Wallet is ironically losing money due to its excessive funding and very slow uptake from consumers. In hopes to remedy the situation, Google has poured even more money and effort to develop a debit card that will physically complement the Google Wallet app.   The prepaid debit card is set to allow users to withdraw cash from accredited automated … [Read more...]

The Newest iPad Air has Arrived!

iPad Air

It is a fortunate time for any and all Apple fan boys out there. The sales for the newest iPad are on the verge of beginning. In fact, they have already started in a few countries. The latest iPad known as iPad Air, will be released in 42 countries. Crossing the number of countries that any iPad has been released in before. The iPad 3rd Generation wad limited to only 10 countries while the 4th Generation Tablet released in 27, though both do not come close to the 42 countries bring targeted … [Read more...]

New iOS 7 Bug Allows Making Calls from Locked iPhone

Apple’s iOS is known for not being able to bring major changes to the operating system along the years, iOS 7 has trumped that tradition and brought to the table an entire overhaul to the OS. Bringing such a huge change is certainly bound to have its share of after-release issues. Likewise, it seems that iOS 7 is not as air tight as Apple would want it to be, with a new calling-bug being discovered that allows to call while the phone is locked. This newly found hack was discovered by Karam … [Read more...]