Silvio Berlusconi Birthday and Italy’s Unrest Don’t Mix


Silvio Berlusconi could not have had much time to celebrate his 77th birthday with all of the dissension in the shriveling Italian government.  Some of the most recent debacle includes five of the ministers being asked to resign. Could this be the last shred left before Italy’s government is considered a full-blown volcanic eruption?  Showing more disagreement among  his supporters, some of those five have already noted their disapproval of the strong theme of Forza Italia being revived and its future path.  Berlusconi has been Prime Minister of Italy 4 different times up until 2011. Forza Italia at one time not that long ago transformed into the People of Freedom Party (PDL).

Prime Minister Enrico Letta has asked that a parliamentary vote be taken to determine the stability of the five month old government. Concern grows with five ministers leaving on the economic recovery of one of the top 3 largest economies in the Eurozone. Minister of Economy, Fabrizio Saccomanni, voices is belief the Italian economy is build upon its stability a midst an ugly recession.  Berlusconi stated he no longer supports the current government because there are no results or progress in economic changes. Berlusconi is known for being motivated by his own interests.

Silvio Berlusconi may soon be forced to give up his seat in their senate.  This may partially due to the fact that he will learn more about his tax fraud conviction sentence.  It is expected Berlusconi will be asked to perform community service or be place on a house arrest.  Perhaps the active leaders and Prime Minister Letta will discover enough support to minimize the unrest and ways to settle the fears of Italy’s economy completely crashing.  Despite his looming sentence for tax fraud, Berlusconi is confident the elections will prove what is right.  People in his own PDL party might not think so.  Even Angelino Alfano, long time supporter of Berlusconi and current Minister of Interior for Letta might have to make a choice with whom he aligns with when all of the dust begins to settle for Italy’s government.  Berlusconi cannot see the fragility caused by the announcement of his conviction and wrong doing.

Who says that this economy in the Eurozone will settle down with the government any times soon?  A larger than life debt and 12% unemployment rate are just part of the issues to tackle.  Some citizens may be saying ‘gran confusione’!


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