Sebastian Vettel 10 Things You Don’t Know


Racecar drivers move fast. Whether it’s on the track, on while speeding through their lives it can be hard to pin down these dare devils of driving regarding what motives them to risk so much. Sebastian Vettel the German Formula One racing driver is no exception. Currently driving for the Austrian racing team known as Red Bull Racing he’s the World Champion several times over. His youth and skill are well known, but even some of fans of racing know little about this young’s man career and life.

Fact One: Born on July 3rd 1987 Vettel, now 25, was the youngest to ever to be a runner up for the World Driver’s championship in 2009. In 2010 at only 23 he broke the record and became the youngest driver ever to win the World’s Driver’s Championship. At 24 in 2011 he became the youngest double world championship when he came in first again. So far in his short career his is now the sport of racings youngest quadruple champion having won in 2012 and again in 2013.

Fact Two: He wanted to become a singer. One of Vettel’s childhood heroes was Michael Jackson. Early attempts at singing however convinced him that this wasn’t the career for him.

Fact Three: When a German version of the American movie Cars 2 was made Vettel was featured as a voice-over for the Disney film.

Fact Four: Vettel like many other racecar drivers might live a fast life on the track, but off the road he keeps fit. He starts his morning by doing an endurance session that can include running, swimming or cycling.  In the afternoon he does strength training concentrating on his core and his neck.

Fact Five: He takes time for a little social media. He’s one of the few racing drivers with an online presence. He can be found on Twitter at Sebas_Vettel.

Fact Six: Vettel has already experienced the harsher part of racing life when he lived through a serious injury in 2004 after a 170 mph hour crash. Vettel’s right index finger was almost severed. Fortunately, doctors were able to reattach the finger quickly enough to keep the tendons and muscles of the finger alive, and he still has complete use of all his fingers and right hand.

Fact Seven: Starting out with Red Bull was as easy as it seemed. When Vettel started as David Coulthard’s replacement he was so new to this level of racing that while running second at Melbourne he collided with racer Kubica. Vettel was giving a grid penalty for the next round effectively knocking him out of this competition.

Fact Eight: His current wins have left him as stunned as fans. Vettel has admitted publicly he had a hard time wrapping his own mind around the amazing records he’s managed to rack up, especially after the huge successes of his 2013 wins.

Fact Nine: Products sporting the Red Bull Racing and Vettel’s name are selling well, and the young racer’s image on posters are selling out in both Europe and the U.S.

Fact Ten: He doesn’t know if he can repeat this year’s experience and success, but he’s determined to try. Vettel is not ready to stop racing, and will be back for more spins around the track in 2014.


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