New iOS 7 Bug Allows Making Calls from Locked iPhone

Apple’s iOS is known for not being able to bring major changes to the operating system along the years, iOS 7 has trumped that tradition and brought to the table an entire overhaul to the OS. Bringing such a huge change is certainly bound to have its share of after-release issues. Likewise, it seems that iOS 7 is not as air tight as Apple would want it to be, with a new calling-bug being discovered that allows to call while the phone is locked.

This newly found hack was discovered by Karam Daoud. So, how does it essentially work? Well, as many might know, on a locked iPhone you are able to make emergency calls without unlocking it. After successive fails to makes a call to random numbers, the call goes through after a certain number of tries. Though, the call isn’t actually received on the other phone and instead the iPhone’s screen goes black, eventually showing the Apple logo.

However, this isn’t the first security issue iOS7 has seen. There was also a recent discovery of a control center related security bug which allowed anyone to open up the Photos app via the Sharing options and, in turn, allowing access to the user’s messages and social media accounts even on a locked iPhone. Similarly, there was another problem with the control center where an intruder could open up the clock app through the control center then hold down the power button to bring up the Slide to Power Off option and by cancelling it and pressing the home button two times, it would open the multitasking menu.

Apple has made claims that they are trying to fix these issues in their next update which should be out soon. The new emergency calling-flaw has already been informed to Apple by Daoud. Apple has responded to him by asking additional details and evidence, which Daoud has provided and received appreciation from Apple for his help.

With the issues starting to pile up, iOS 7 is really under the microscope. The only wait now is to see what Apple is to do about these issues and whether or not more problems arise for the OS.

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