NBA Offseason Preview


Now that the Spurs have hoisted the Larry O’Brien trophy and had their championship parade, it’s time to see what’s in store for this summer’s NBA offseason.


The draft kicks off the NBA offseason every summer, and this year’s draft class has no shortage of talent.


With a whole lot of luck, the Cleveland Cavaliers somehow managed to win the draft lottery again, and who they choose at number one this year will certainly play a


The franchise is still recovering from LeBron James’ decision, but the available talent in this year’s draft may help in that department.


Kansas Jayhawk-standout Andrew Wiggins has been labeled one of the best available draft picks in recent history with his uncanny athleticism and polished offensive skills.


With his height and ability to play the wing, Wiggins is sure to be a matchup problem for other teams once he takes the NBA floor, but scouts are worried about his mental makeup and the sometimes porous defense he played during his only year in college.


Wiggins would certainly fill seats at The Q in downtown Cleveland, but if he is exactly what their roster needs, remains a question.


Jabari Parker, a 6’9 wing player very similar to Wiggins, is another possibility for the Cavs at number one, as is Kansas big man, Joel Embiid.


Wiggins, Parker, and Embiid will most likely go in the first three picks of the draft, but the talent pool does not end there.


Available players such as Marcus Smart. Doug McDermott, and Nik Stauskas will certainly help any team that drafts them, as will a myriad of other possible talented draftees.


Following the NBA Draft, is the speculation and rumor filled, free agency period, and this year’s free agent class is the best since 2010.


Headlining this summer’s class, as he did in 2010, is The King himself, LeBron James.


LeBron is expected to opt out of his Miami contract next week and test the waters.


Likewise, his two Miami running mates, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade are expected to opt- out of their respected contracts, too.


In their four seasons together, LeBron, Wade, and Bosh appeared in the NBA Finals four times, winning two championships.


Judging from their success together, one would guess that the Big Three in Miami is bound to stay intact, but the players have remained mum on the topic.


Some say that the Big Three should opt-out of their current deals, which when combined have them making north of 60-million, only to restructure new, more prudent deals that will enable the Heat franchise to add impactful players to its roster.


The other option is that the Big Three breakup and go their separate. If that does indeed occur, LeBron, Wade, and Bosh will for sure be the most coveted free agents this season.


Carmelo Anthony is just behind LeBron in desired free agents this offseason. He will opt-out of his current deal with the Knicks and look to be a max contract player somewhere else.


Knicks President and NBA legend, Phil Jackson, has publicly stated that the franchise will do everything they can to keep Anthony, but this is surely the last chance Anthony will have to obtain a maximum deal, and his lack of success in New York may incline him to look for employment elsewhere in the NBA.


During the NBA Finals, a Carmelo to Miami rumor crossed the wire, but all alleged parties declined to comment on the speculation.


Although not a free agent, Minnesota big-man, Kevin Love, has been the subject of many trade rumors this offseason.


It’s believed that Love wants out, and it appears that Minnesota may just oblige.


The Lakers and Warriors have been listed as potential trade partners for the talented Love, but where he ultimately ends up will depend on who Minnesota wants to do business with.


Summer time in the NBA is filled with rumors and great speculation. With all of the talent in free agency and in the draft this year, basketball fans can expect an entertaining offseason.


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