More Paula Deen Sponsors Withdraw

Attempt by acclaimed chef, Paula Deen, to save her Career in Tonight Show remains fruitless as More Paula Deen Sponsors withdraw.

Home Depot, Caesars Casino and Walmart have decided to end their business relations with Paula Deen. The former cooking show host has continued to lose sponsors following her controversial statement reported by a former employee, which indicated racism.

Despite her attempt on the Tonight Show to save what is left of her $18 million empire, Deen, lost two more sponsors. In the show, she claimed that everything said about her was nothing more than “hurtful lies.” The American celebrity chef is said to have regularly used the N-word, with one time talking of how she sought to have her brother’s wedding’s serving staff all-black to portray a slave like theme.

While in tears, Paula recounted how she was taught to treat all people equally. A statement issued by Walmart on Wednesday pointed out that the retailer had no intentions of placing any more orders. Most of Paula’s branded products have been reaching customers through Walmart since 2011.

The other sponsor withdraw that will seriously affect Deen’s market position is Caesars Entertainment Corporation. Four of Caesars’ casinos have been branded with Paula Deen’s Kitchen themes. The four restaurants are in Mississippi, Illinois, Indiana and North Carolina casinos respectively. Jan Jones Blackhurst, executive vice president, in a statement, said that the four Deen kitchen themed restaurants in those casinos would be rebranded. Food Networks and Smithfield food have also reported to have terminated their dealings.

A well renowned chef,  she has written several books. Her newest cookbook was the top seller at Another significant withdrawal is  her cookbook’s publisher, Random House. The book deal may have been one of her last options to keep her businesses running. K-mart and J.C. Penney already announced that they would no longer sell her products. For the last week, Paula Deen sponsors withdraw numbers have increased significantly with organizations such as Target, QVC and Novo Nordisk the pharmaceutical company, alleging to sever ties.

Reports say that Deen made attempts to save what is left of her business empire by hiring a crisis expert. The expert’s first step to restore reputation was to have Deen appear on the Tonight Show. Deen shed tears as she discussed the controversial N-word on the show.

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