Hershey vs. Nutella: The Chocolate Spread Wars


The popular chocolate company Hershey has recently announced that it will be releasing a line of chocolate spreads similar to the Italian counterpart Nutella. Along with the classic chocolate-hazelnut, Hershey will also be offering plain chocolate spread and chocolate-almond. According to the Los Angeles Times, these spreads will be available in 13 oz. jars and sold for $3.75 in stores across the country.

 Nutella: A Cult Favorite

Nutella is a chocolate spread that choco-holics all around the world have come to love. It was first produced in a small bakery in Piedmont, Italy, a region known for its hazelnuts. The owner, Pietro Ferrero, started producing and selling hazelnut paste in 1946. Then, in 1963, his son Michele Ferrero started marketing it across Europe as “Nutella.”

Since then, Nutella has grown into an international favorite. It is tasty and convenient to eat, though it has been criticized for its high caloric content. In 2012, the company faced a lawsuit from the United States that challenged the company’s claim that Nutella was part of a complete and healthy breakfast. Unfortunately, it contains 200 calories in a two-tablespoon serving and contains 70% of saturated fat per weight. Still, that doesn’t stop connoisseurs around the world from enjoying its rich, chocolate goodness as a sweet treat.

 So How Do They Compare?

According to a taste test conducted by the Daily Mail, the Hershey version has a slightly different taste from the classic Nutella. Participants reported that Hersey’s spread was less intense in terms of flavor, while Nutella was “creamier and richer.”

However, the consistency of Hershey’s spread was more viscous, allowing it to spread on a variety of different foods. Perhaps this is because the spread is marketed as a “snack enhancer,” which according to the company spokesman is meant to enhance the quality of snacks like fruit and crackers.

New Ways to Use Chocolate Spreads

Chocolate spreads are great for snacking because they are so versatile. They can be combined in so many ways with different flavors combinations to create new foods. While the classic way to enjoy chocolate spread is on a slice of bread or with graham crackers, it can also be used as a dip for pretzels, apples, and even popcorn. Nutella and other spreads are also popular ingredients in recipes all over the internet, from bread puddings to microwaved mug cakes. And of course, nothing beats eating it right off a big spoon!

So whichever spread you prefer - classic Nutella or the new Hershey spread - you can definitely find a way to enjoy it!


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