Health Care Reform Delay: Businesses Given One Year


The White House announced Tuesday, July 2nd a health care reform delay: businesses given a one year reprieve. Valerie Jarrett, Senior Adviser to President Obama, stated that the administration is responding to issues raised by business leaders.  Furthermore, Jarrett stated that this gives businesses more time to comply with the requirements of providing coverage to employees.   Many business leaders, politicians both Democrat and Republican, economists and political analysts have voiced concern over the last couple of days. Surprise by the announcement and concern over the fallout. Groups who want to reverse the direction of health care reform may find opportunities for change. Groups are also questioning what else is at risk and why.

Health Care Reform Delay: Businesses Given One Year Reprieve

Presented as a practical solution to the way health care is provided, Jarrett indicated the health care reform delay like this creates a stable transition to the new system. Larger problems are addressed in the recent report by the Chamber’s Health Care Solutions Council report of June 2013, Health Care Solutions from America’s Business Community: The Path Forward to U.S. Health Reform.  An editorial by Ezekiel J. Emanuel in the New York Times on July 3rd, suggested it was not going to derail the overall movement of health care reform, its goals or deadlines.

Not all of the response to the health care reform delay giving businesses a one year reprieve has been met so even-tempered.  Representative Fred Upton, chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, is calling for an investigation questioning the Obama administration.  The press is speculating if this a political maneuver to protect Democrats in the 2014 elections.  Many business and political leaders  need to come to grips with its implications, as will Americans citizens in search of the better health care promised by the Affordable Care Act.


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