Google Purchases The Nest With A Hint Of Apple


What do The Nest and Apple have in common?  Hint: The answer has something to do with money, lots of it!  Answer:  Google.

There is gossip in the world of Tech, at least according to USA Today, and that is Google wants to run our home.  To be honest, Google already runs my computer, so the next step up is my home.  What is going on?  Read on.

Google bought Nest with its chump change of US$3.2 billion.  The proud owner sealed the deal when the stock market closed on Monday, January 13, 2014.  Google has become new parent of Nest, also known as, a team of smart, experienced, creative ex-Apple engineers of smart home things, namely the Nest Learning Thermostat and the Nest Protect.

The Nest Learning Thermostat is a measly $249 and is a temperature control unit that can communicate with a smartphone application and…wait for it…can learn over time.  It can take instructions from you via your smartphone as well as program itself.  Similar to how kids eventually figure out their routines, the Nest Learning Thermostat tracks its family’s habits and temperature preferences, and like a contributing member of the family help make the energy bill look less daunting.  It will turn down the heat when its family is less likely to use it.

In case you are not impressed or you do not plan to shell out that kind of money, maybe the Nest Protect smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector will change your mind.  After all, this device can save you your house and home.  Nest Protect knows how to weigh if the emergency at home is too minor or serious enough to call for help.

In Google words, they want to reinvent “unloved but important” home devices.  Not many, just ten common, borderline boring gadgets in your home in the near future.  

Meet Tony Fadell, CEO of Nest and will continue to be.  He had a hand in the very first iPod (senior VP at Apple Inc.) and the industry credits him with the iPod concept and initial design.  His new Google boss will be Larry Page.

The second brain you should meet is Matt Rogers.  He was also an Apple man-software development of the iPod and then the iPhone, and then the iPad.  If this is Star Trek, his designation would be Chief Engineer but since this is only at Nest, his role is head engineer.

Ready for another Q&A?  Google has a buzz phrase called the “internet of things”.  How will Google get into your things?  Answer:   Google —>Nest —>Apple —> Smartphone —> you —> your Home…your things.  Fadell said, “great momentum…rocket ship.”


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