Global population not convinced by climate change, says UN poll


The articles are everywhere.

Climate change is here.

Rightfully so, because the figures and data reveal that Earth’s climate is undeniably changing, and in-all-likelihood, changing for the bad.

But do you actually believe it?

And if you do believe, exactly how important is climate change to you?

A recent poll conducted by the United Nations shed light on both those questions.

According to the poll, which surveyed 6.5-million people across the globe, climate change is at the bottom of the priority list.

The result was consistent across male and females, all age ranges, and all education ranges from most regions of the world.

Instead of climate change, nearly every demographic listed education as the top priority.

Does a better understanding of climate change come with education?

That’s to be determined.

The United Nations is currently conducting polls like this across the world in an attempt to garner a view of what priorities people would like to see action on.

Sixteen policy issues are offered to those taking the poll, and they include, political freedom, environmental conservation, gender equality, and education, to name a few.

The survey, called My World, began last March and will remain open until the beginning of next year.

Across Africa and Asia climate change was ranked 16/16 on the survey, but the Americas, Europe, and Oceania polled it about halfway.

In the United States it was ranked 10th, while in the United Kingdom it was ranked 9th. Both countries placed education as the top priority.

The poll is expected to provide an opportunistic insight into what people across the globe see as important.

And so far, results have shown that climate change just isn’t important to people.




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