First Round 2013 NBA Draft Picks Start, Bennett Out-beats Noel!

The 2013 NBA Draft picks started off at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, with the Canadian born Anthony Bennett as pick No. 1, and just as the media had speculated, the draft was virtually unpredictable. It took place on Thursday 27th June.

Even after Nerlens Noel topped various mock drafts as the 2013 NBA Draft preferred pick No. 1, four more picks had the honor of shaking hands with the NBA Commissioner David Stern while he sat patiently in the green room. Cody Zeller, Victor Oladipo, Alex Len and Otto Porter came off the board before Noel smiled with a new cap on his head.

While describing himself as the next level small forward, Bennett sees a challenge before him especially when guarding other small forwards in the league. For this reason, his vast wingspan and adaptable game strategy will help him along the way.

Bennet, a renowned SF/PF of UNLV was seconded by Victor Oladipo of Indiana as the No. 2 pick.

Oladipo is the 2013 NBA Draft perimeter defender with his offensive skill sets putting him first position on that line. Some of his commendable skills include ball-handling with couple of catch and shoot skills. He remains as the 2013’s Draft safest choice though reports say he will have to maximize his skills.

Otto Porter, the Georgetown SF was called in as the No.3 pick despite rumors that he didn’t matchup with other potential picks such as Noel or McLemore. His athleticism, which combines gracefully with his jump-shooting abilities, has contributed towards the said lineup. Porter’s biggest challenge has been attributed to scoring.

In spite of the alleged challenges, Porter’s powerful defensive techniques made him the favorable candidate at this slot pick.

Concerns on his passivity have also been laid to rest as he is set to play alongside John Wall and Bradley Beal, who would help score on his behalf.

Over the last two years, Bobcats have not had the opportunity to enjoy much from the draft lottery. Cody Zeller PF/C from Indiana shortlisted as the favored No. 4 pick following his reputed basketball IQ.

Zeller is also considered as a talented PF with few drawbacks of scoring.

Though settling for Zeller, the team was not all out of options either way with top talents such as Noel and McLemore making the list. In fact, it had been speculated that McLemore had featured as the best candidate with arguments on Zeller linked to the scoreboard.

It wasn’t a surprise at all that Alex Len listed as pick No. 5 during the first round 2013 NBA Draft picks.

The Maryland 7 foot center possesses a lot of talent, which when combined with his size and athleticism, makes him an optimum choice. He is said to have grown as a gymnast in Ukraine. However, his alleged high center of gravity has been categorized as one of his downsides as stronger players could easily push him, but even with that, his agility makes him position choice.

At pick No. 6 was Nerlens Noel, the Kentucky PF/C. Noel heads to Philadelphia despite an earlier expectation by Pelican fans that he would be playing side by side with his former team mate at Wildcats, Anthony Davis.

Sacramento’s draft pick, which shortlisted Ben McLemore of Kansas as pick No. 7, might have been the best so far. The player ranks top with his amazing jump shots that has subsequently listed him as the leading scorer in the 2013 NBA Draft picks.


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