NASA Probe Reaches Ceres Orbit

US Space Agency NASA have confirmed that their Dawn probe has gone into orbit around Ceres, the largest object in the Solar System that lies between Mars and Jupiter.  The satellite sent a signal confirming its status at 13:36 GMT. Ceres is the first dwarf planet in the Solar System to be visited by a satellite and scientists are hoping to gain lots of information from the mission including about the beginning of the Solar System itself, some four and a half billion years ago. Journey Dawn … [Read more...]

Is the Time of the Tablet Coming to an End?

Three years ago, one tech expert said that tablets would rule the future and predicted that sales would reach 375 million by 2016.  However now recent figures are showing that the time of the tablet may be coming to end far sooner than experts had predicted. The re-assessment was started by the tablet sector suffering its first drop, based on data from tech consultancy Canalys, with a fall of 12% across the last three months of 2014 compared to the same period of the year before.  Market … [Read more...]

Sony’s Smart Glasses Going on Sale Next Month


Sony have confirmed that their augmented reality smart glasses will be going on sale across ten different countries next month.  The pre-orders for the SmartEyeglass, costing $840 a pair, are already being taken in the UK and Germany, with the US and Japan to follow shortly after. The black framed glasses will be compatible with the most recent versions of the Android operating system. Withdrawal The announcement follows Google’s confirmation that it was withdrawing its smart glasses for a … [Read more...]

Google Vice President Warns of Digital Dark Age

Vint Cerf, one of the ‘fathers’ of the Internet, has said he is very concerned that images and documents will be lost eventually as the computers they are saved on become obsolete.  Currently the Vice-President of Google, Mr Cerf has said that as systems fall out of use, the data stored on them could be lost. He is concerned that in the future, there will be little or no record of the 21st century as we enter what he terms a digital Dark Age. Technology Speaking at the annual meeting of the … [Read more...]

Ancient Solar System Like Ours Spotted by Telescope

A team led by the University of Birmingham in the UK have spotted an ancient solar system that looks much like ours using images collected by the Kepler telescope.  The system is around 117 light years away and is the oldest known of its kind, having been formed around 11.2 billion years ago.  It contains a star that is orbited by five plants all similar in size to Earth. Dr Tiago Campante said that the system could even give a clue to the existence of ‘ancient life’ in the galaxy.  This is … [Read more...]

Microsoft Announces Details of Windows 10

Microsoft have started giving the details of their new Windows 10 operating system by announcing that their voice-controlled assistant Cortana will be brought to the PC.  They also unveiled their new headset that will eventually lead to the projecting of the operating system over the real world view of the user. The company also said that the OS upgrade would be offered free of charge for devices that are currently running Windows 7 or 8 as well as the Windows Phone.  The offer is limited to … [Read more...]

US Military Command Social Media Accounts Hacked

CentComm Hack

A group claiming to be backed by Islamic State have hacked into the Twitter and YouTube accounts of the US military command that resulted in the accounts being suspended for a few hours.  One message on the Centcom Twitter feed boasted ‘American soldiers, we are coming watch your back’. The messages were signed ISIS, another name for Islamic State and some of the Twitter feeds included internal military documents. Cyber-vandalism Centcom described the act as cyber-vandalism but not a … [Read more...]

Xbox and PlayStation Problems Continue

Microsoft and Sony are continuing to work on the problems that have stopped the internet connections for their Xbox and PlayStation consoles following a cyber-attack.  The attacks saw online services disabled on Christmas Day meaning that users were unable to log on or were finding it very difficult to do so. A message on the status page of the Xbox on Friday said that core services were currently ‘limited’ while the PlayStation network remained offline, leaving the company requesting users … [Read more...]

Sony Made Mistake Cancelling Film, Says Obama

Sony attack

President Barack Obama has voiced his opinion over the cancelling of a movie release by Sony Pictures following a cyber-attack from North Korea, calling it ‘a mistake’.  He said he was sympathetic to the concerns the company had but he thought that it was a bad idea to start ‘what way of doing business’. The statement came just hours after an announcement from the FBI that North Korea were officially responsible for the cyber-attack on Sony Pictures, which was described as a ‘game changer’ by … [Read more...]

Vinyl’s big comeback

And the biggest music comeback in 2014 was…? … Need a hint? It wasn’t an artist or band. But rather, vinyl records. According to industry data, nearly 8-million vinyl records were sold as of date in 2014, which is up nearly 50% percent from one year ago. Vinyl has become popular with younger people, indie rock fans, and hipsters. Reasons being that sound quality is better and of course that romantic ritual of putting the needle to groove. However, the demand for vinyl is … [Read more...]