Economy Showing Signs Of Life


It has been a long struggle for our country. We have suffered an economic downturn for almost five years. Since late 2008, our country has been devastated by the downward spiral of the economy, starting with the bursting of the housing bubble, which leads to collapses of major financial institutions. There has been skepticism, fear, and anxiety in America. The job market has been stagnant at best, and in some months was nonexistent. The Obama administration constantly attempts to put a brave … [Read more...]

Landlord Warns Tenants: Make $100K and Have 725 Credit Score


Changes in the rental market affect both the landlord and tenants struggling to find or rent space at the optimal rate. One San Francisco landlord has made national news by sending out a notice to this rent-controlled residents warning they must show proof they have a FICO credit score of 725 and earn $100,000 a year. When major news networks contacted Robert Shelton the landlord of the Fillmore Street apartment building he gave no reply to the question of what renters who don’t meet this … [Read more...]

Target CEO Resigns Amid Data Breach Fallout


Black Friday of 2013 seemed like any other post-holiday sale day. Shoppers prepped after a day of binge eating turkey, visiting relatives, and watching football was ready to do some major spending. Retailers wait all year for big sale days in order to make up for lagging sales at other times of the year, but on this Black Friday retailers weren’t the only one’s anticipating the huge influx of shoppers. While long lines of shoppers slide their credit and debit cards through scanners the … [Read more...]

Recovery of EU Unemployment Expected Faster


The spring forecast for EU’s unemployment rate shows signs of an even faster recovery than originally reported. According to the new forecast released Monday the economic recovery spreading across the 28-country bloc will benefit the 25.7 million currently registered as unemployed. The EU’s executive Commission said the economic recovery should drop the current numbers by as much as 11.8% this year and by as much as 11.4% by 2015. Aaccording to Slim Kallas the EU’s Commissioner  tasked with … [Read more...]

Political Corruption Suspected By Elected Official


Political corruption is nothing new in Washington, D.C. or in any other part of our country.  It goes back hundreds of years. For  as long as the country has been in existence, politicians have been accused of favoring one group over  another, one person or another, all for bribes or other favors.  Politicians have been influenced to vote a particular way on a certain bill because of campaign contributions by members of the community.  In the movie, Lincoln, directed by Stephan Spielberg, … [Read more...]

Microsoft Completes Nokia Purchase Deal


Microsoft has announced they have completed the purchase of the mobile phone business Nokia for $7.5billion (5.44 billion euros).  The deal had been due to complete earlier in the year but was held up by regulatory approval issues. The deal will see the end of production of Nokia mobile phones and instead will see the Finnish company focusing on mapping services, development of technology and licenses and networks. “Today we welcome the Nokia devices and services to our family,” announced … [Read more...]

Netflix Will Raise Prices


For the first time in three years, the ever so popular Internet video service, Netflix, will raise its prices. A good first quarter earnings report is partly the reason why the company plans to raise prices, but the Internet video service also needs to amplify its yields in order to pay for the production of its original content such as “House of Cards” and “Orange is The New Black.” According to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, the company’s 36-million current subscribers will continue to pay … [Read more...]

Kalamazoo Promise Sends Michigan Students to College


College students graduating in 2013 wound up with an average of more than $35,000 in school-related debt, including school loans and credit card debt, according to a Fidelity study, meaning they start their careers behind the eight ball. But in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the city is paying for its public school students to go to a state college or university. In 2005, a group of anonymous donors made the Kalamazoo Promise possible with a scholarship program that has spent $50 million since 2005 … [Read more...]

Fraud In Medicare Still A Concern

medicare 1

Our health care system has been under fire for many years.  It has been a series of starts and stops by our elected officials to design a system, or revise the current regulations, to provide quality health create at affordable prices. President Barack Obama made it a central theme of his first term in office to reform the broken health care system.  In 2010 the Affordable Health Care Act was passed with the goal of insuring as many Americans as possible at a cost which will not bankrupt the … [Read more...]

Job Market Shows Signs Of Life

jobmarket 1

It has been a long hard winter, one not usually associated with the United States, but more with the gloomy environs of Siberia. In addition to the depressing atmosphere created by the constant storms across the country, many people were forced to stay indoors, and not go out and explore the job market.  For a few years, unemployment has been a constant worry in the United States.  Since 2008, there have been large numbers of people who have lost their jobs and been unable to find a new one.  … [Read more...]