Buffalo starts to dig out, flooding looms


Now comes the hard part: digging out.

After nearly 7 feet of snow fell in the southern suburbs of Buffalo, residents are now imposed with the seemingly Sisyphean task of removing snow that has accumulated higher than their heads.

To make matters even worse, Buffalo’s weekend forecast calls for high temperatures in the 50’s and even more moisture, but this time, in the form of rain.

The melting temperatures and steady rainfall are expected to cause flooding in the region. As a result, flood watches have already been issued for several counties in the Buffalo-area.

Egregiously bloated snow-packs, clogged storm drains, and an expected three-quarters of inch of rain are predicted to be the catalysts for the weekend and early-next week flooding.

In an effort to combat the flooding, the state of New York is sending boats, high-axle vehicles, and sandbags to the region. Officials have urged residents to remove items in their basement and bring them to a higher elevated part of their house.

The death toll of the storm, as of publication, reached 13 Friday night.

Cost of storm cleanup for several counties has already taxed what is normally the counties annual winter weather budget, and costs continue to rise.

An uncountable amount of cars left stranded on area roadways have kept police and towing companies busy.

Somehow, though, most major highways in the area have reopened for travelers, but officials have urged drivers to stay off the roads unless travel is absolutely necessary.

Roof collapses have been ubiquitous in the region with structures becoming exhausted from the weight of the snow.

Grocery stores in the area are slowly becoming restocked. Due to impassable roads, trucks were unable to reach depleted stores. Most grocery stores have reopened, but still some remain closed.

Despite hard times ahead, though, residents and government officials have lauded the efforts of rescuers and snow removal crews.


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