Drupal hack attack hits 12m websites

Over the past few days, hackers have compromised at least 12 million websites that have been using Drupal software. In a public service announcement Drupal said attackers had taken advantage of a bug in its widely used software. The websites use Drupal software to manage web video, text, images and content. As part of the announcement, Drupal issued a security warning to those users who failed to apply a patch for a bug that was discovered recently and said the sites can ‘assume’ that they … [Read more...]

Google developing cancer detector

Google Inc is developing a technology that can diagnose impending heart attacks or strokes and cancers among other diseases at an early stage than is possible today. The technology being developed by the California-based multi-national corporation aims at combining nanoparticles that can detect diseases. The nanoparticles will enter the bloodstream of the patient in the form of a swallowed pill and send signals to a sensor worn on the wrist. The purpose is to detect even slight changes in … [Read more...]

SpaceX Dragon returns with study results

After a month-long stay at the International Space Station (ISS), the cargo space ship named Dragon of Space Exploration Technologies on Saturday splashed down in the Pacific Ocean off Mexico on schedule bringing with it research results. Astronauts Barry Wilmore and Reid Wiseman of American space agency NASA released the capsule with the help of the space station’s robotic crane at 9:57 a.m. EDT as both the vehicles soared 418 km over Australia’s northwest coast. The California-based … [Read more...]

Researchers engineer cancer-killing stem cells

Researchers from Harvard Medical School (HMS) have found a new method of transforming stem cells into killing machines that can attack brain cancer. As part of experiments on mice, researchers genetically engineered the stem cells to prepare and secrete toxins that can kill brain tumors and that too without killing themselves or the normal cells. While publishing their findings in the journal Stem Cells, the researchers said in the next stage tests would be conducted on humans. An … [Read more...]

Google launches rival to Gmail: Inbox

On Wednesday, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL.O) launched Google Inbox, a free Web service and a mobile app, which is proposed to coexist with Gmail and not replace it. Gmail team has developed the app, which is aimed at organizing emails in a better way and also displaying information like flight bookings, package deliveries and appointments in an improved user-friendly manner. Google disclosed it was sending out invitations to selected Gmail users so that they can try out the latest … [Read more...]

Sugary drinks signs help change habits of teens

Signs that warn consumers on how much exercise they should do to burn off the calories they gain from sugary drinks may trigger healthy choices, researchers from the Baltimore-based John Hopkins University (JHU) recently suggested. As part of a study the researchers observed the purchasing habits of teenagers and they found youngsters purchased lesser number of sugary drinks and increased their water when the warning signs were put up. The researchers published the findings of their study … [Read more...]

GMO labeling foes to spend big in Oregon

Oregon's mandatory genetically modified organism (GMO)-labeling initiative named as Measure 92 is all set to become the costliest vote in the history of the state. Opponents of the GMO food labeling proposal have already raised about $20 million for the ‘no’ campaign against the proposed laws in the state, according to campaign finance reports. This is nearly triple the amount that was raised by the ‘yes’ campaigners of the initiative. On November 6, voters in Oregon and Colorado are going … [Read more...]

Google to test wireless Internet service

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is getting ready to check a new technology that is likely to provide a base for a wireless version of its high-speed ‘Fiber’ Internet service. Experts in telecommunication disclosed this after checking Google Inc's regulatory filings. On Monday Google Inc asked the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for permission to hold tests in and around California on various wireless spectrums like a millimeter-wave frequency that is capable of transmitting huge … [Read more...]

Type 1 diabetes cure takes a giant leap

An effective treatment for type 1 diabetes by transforming stem cells into beta cells that produce insulin has been developed by a team of Harvard University scientists. Stating that their hunt to find a cure for type 1diabetes has taken a giant leap forward, the scientists said the disease afflicts at least 3 million people in US, who spend at least $15 billion for its treatment every year. When the immune system devastates the cells that control the levels of blood sugar, the disease … [Read more...]

Gene therapy safe to treat ‘bubble boys’

Newer advances in gene therapy are likely to provide safer treatment to children who have been suffering with a fatal genetic disorder that could lead to a major deficiency in their immune systems. Most of the children having X-linked severe collective immunodeficiency, also known as X-SCID, usually die before they reach the age of one. They, therefore, need to live in a ‘bubble’ for their health and protection. During preliminary clinical trial stage, nine baby boys with X-SCID were … [Read more...]