Possible Serial Killer In Indiana

It sounds like something from a Law and Order episode. As you gather the facts and hear about the evidence you expect to hear the familiar sounds of the opening sequence of the popular television series. Multiple bodies, a suspect, a search warrant executed, and a possible arrest. It is the stuff a good story on the long running television series, or one of a hundred other cop procedural episodes, are composed of for maximum entertainment. Unfortunately, this is not fiction. It is not the … [Read more...]

Hurricane Gonzalo Roaring Towards Bermuda


It is a peaceful, serene, beautiful vacation spot. Travelers from all around the world flock to its shores to gaze deep into the crystal waters, basking in the sunshine while reclining on sandy beaches. Bermuda is a tourist destination, promising a relaxing sojourn to a tropical island in the Atlantic. It has a long history and is surrounded by folklore, especially the tales of the Bermuda Triangle. However, this week, Bermuda is facing a very real danger as Hurricane Gonzalo threatens the … [Read more...]

A Dramatic Shift For The Catholic Church


For thousands of years, the Catholic Church has lived by a set of precepts, mores, and norms which have been unquestioned and unchallenged. As a religion, the path was charted by the Pope and the leaders in the Vatican. The Church was founded on the principles set forth in the Bible, both the Old and New Testament, as interpreted by holy men throughout the ages. The People was the leader, but was joined by Cardinals, Bishops, and priests in laying out the Catholic doctrine for the members of the … [Read more...]

Breakthrough Leads to Hope For Diabetes


For years, those living with diabetes life was a task of monitoring and control. Whether you were diagnosed with the illness at a young age, or more typically as an older adult, management of the disease became an integral part of your life. Diabetes develops due to an imbalance of the sugar levels in your blood. In order to maintain the proper levels it is necessary for those suffering from this malady to take injections of insulin. There are two major types of diabetes. The first is a … [Read more...]

A Nobel Prize For The Brain


The mysteries of the brain are varied and numerous, a complex muscle which is crucial to our functioning as humans. It has been argued over the years that we only utilize a small percentage of the entire brain during our lifetime. In fact, a movie this summer was centered on the very notion that a female could access and use her entire brain, thus making her a super-human. The interactions of the various parts of the brain have been under constant study for decades. The goal is to understand the … [Read more...]

HIV: A Link to Its Origins


It is an increasingly dangerous time we are living in, as war, disease, and human strife are running rampant around the globe. As conflicts rage across the world in Syria, Iraq, and other hotspots, disease has caused numerous deaths, and raised the level of concern over a worldwide epidemic.   Recently, the Ebola virus has spread from Africa to the shores of the United States, moving the issue from one which was occurring somewhere else, and not capturing the attention of the public at large, to … [Read more...]

Physical Activity Leads to Brain Activity


In the old days, playing outside was the best time of day for kids of all ages.   Whether it was summer time, holidays, or after school, children could not wait to get outside and run around.   In fact, our parents forced us to get out of the house, interact with your friends, and engage in some form of physical activity.  During the summer, after we ate our breakfast and did our chores, we were allowed to meet up with our pals and do whatever our imagination could dream of on any given day.  … [Read more...]

Angelina Jolie Leads The Fight Against Cancer


Angelina Jolie is a major celebrity. Ms. Jolie commands attention wherever she goes, and her adoring fans clamor for news or information about her day to day lifestyle.   In the past, public figures were looked upon as role models.   The activities of a celebrity were followed with interest.  However, oftentimes, the celebrity would control what information was revealed and in what form.  Now, the omnipresence of the internet, twitter, and other social media has eliminated all control for … [Read more...]

Politics of ObamaCare


With the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, supporters of the legislation hoped this would finally eliminate the issue of healthcare from all future political debates. However, that has not been the case.   Since President Barack Obama signed the legislation into law, there has been constant and consistent criticism of the Act from a wide array of groups.  The Republicans have been extremely vocal about their desire to repeal the law, and every election cycle ramps up this rhetoric once … [Read more...]

Positive News For ObamaCare


It has been a policy goal; of politicians for decades.    President Franklin Roosevelt mentioned it back in the 1930’s and 1940’s, efforts which resulted in Social Security and the modern welfare system.  Senator Ted Kennedy made it a lifelong passion.  As First Lady, Secretary Hillary Clinton took a stab at it in the 1990’s.  What is it?  It is universal health care.  Politicians have been handling this hot potato of a political issue for over a century.  During the campaign for the presidency … [Read more...]