Austin Police Call Black Friday Shooter a “Homegrown Terrorist”

In the early morning hours of Friday, November 28th, Austin like other towns in the U.S. appeared quiet. Aside from the normal traffic accidents, and disturbances typical for a Thanksgiving holiday the night had been peaceful. By two in the morning a few people were already stirring in preparation for Black Friday, but the downtown streets were unusually disserted. Most state and city offices were closed for the long weekend, and downtown shops and bars were likewise closed and locked. A few … [Read more...]

Nor’easter Could Affect Thanksgiving Travel

Weather watchers are warning of an unwelcome guest for the holiday in the form of a powerful storm heading up the East Coast. By early Wednesday the northern areas of Florida through to the state of Maryland was experiencing rain, but this is only the beginning of what could result in heavy snowfall throughout the east. The best time to leave for extended driving travel was Tuesday by noon in order to avoid both crowds and  bad weather. The likelihood of seeing heavy rain, snow, and ice from … [Read more...]

Ordering Out for Thanksgiving?

For decades Thanksgiving has meant spending the day with the family with the focus on a huge meal. While many are determined to have second helpings of homemade turkey and dressing, others are having second thoughts about a day spent in the kitchen. Trends toward having meals delivered or dining out could alter the traditional idyllic picture. Those making the switch have reasons ranging from lowering stress, food bills, or simply to taking Thanksgiving together with family to a new … [Read more...]

Russia Hard Hit By Sanctions

A  dip in the cost of oil and western sanctions is beginning to affect Russia. The country’s finance minister claims the country has seen a $140bn cost so far. While some of the pressure on Russia is fixed through the sanctions, other pressures such as the cost of oil continues to change. The sanctions from the U.S. and the European Union followed Russia’s annexation of Crimea region in the Ukraine and continue amid allegations the country continues to interfere in conflicts in eastern … [Read more...]

Keystone XL Pipeline Defeated

The vote came, as a surprise to some Washington insiders who thought of the bill to authorize construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline was only a formality. After a six- year battle and with strong support on both sides of the aisle, the bill seemed destined to pass. The atmosphere during the vote counting process as the bill was shown to have failed a 60-vote threshold by a narrow 59-41 count was according to some on the floor yesterday “surreal”. As the vote count was announced … [Read more...]

Microsoft Heats Up Competition With $100 PC

Wal-Mart is famous for the Black Friday sales, which have customers sometimes actually fighting in the store’s aisles. This year Microsoft Windows is offering the new Netbook 8 PC tablet for $149. On Black Friday it will be available for $99 through the sale at Wal-Mart. Those analyzing the market theorize Microsoft’s decision for the bargain basement price for a new tablet-PC hybrid is based on its own poor sales over the last year. The new Nextbook 8 is following the trend toward smaller … [Read more...]

Winter Storm Arrives Early

Thanksgiving plans are still weeks in the future, and leaves still cling to some trees, but a late autumn storm has many cities across the U.S. fighting the effects of wintry weather. Temperatures across the country have plunged and in the Upper Midwest four people lost their lives as an early winter storm results in two feet of early snowfall. In Minnesota warnings of icy conditions came too late for many. Parts of St. Paul approached 18 inches by Tuesday afternoon and the State Patrol … [Read more...]

Few Retailers Staying Closed on Thanksgiving

Thousands of malls and large-scale retailers have opted for an early start on the Christmas season by opening on Thanksgiving. The competition to be the first store opened for shoppers has become a trend leading some of the biggest name stores to open before dawn in some locations. But the inevitable counter trend has begun. Stores making a point of announcing they will not be open. Perhaps just as inevitable the trend appears to have been triggered when Macy’s, one of the oldest retailers in … [Read more...]

A Doggone Good Halloween

With Halloween only days, away children throughout the United States are excitedly discussing their costume selection. In many families not only will adults and children be dressed for the holiday, but in a growing trend so will the family pet. Marketing Halloween costumes for dogs has become a big business, but some experts warn not all “furry babies” truly appreciate a night spent receiving small sized ghost and ghouls at the door. Big sellers for pets included Ewoks, Beanie Babies, and the … [Read more...]

Questions Over Quarantine Laws

As several states have implemented quarantine or monitoring laws regarding those entering or re-entering from countries affected by Ebola outbreaks questions over the legality of such measures are arising. New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and several other states have instituted procedures to forcibly quarantine those returning from West Africa who have served as medical workers during the Ebola crisis. At least one such medical worker has complained not only about the loss of her civil … [Read more...]