Vinyl’s big comeback

And the biggest music comeback in 2014 was…? … Need a hint? It wasn’t an artist or band. But rather, vinyl records. According to industry data, nearly 8-million vinyl records were sold as of date in 2014, which is up nearly 50% percent from one year ago. Vinyl has become popular with younger people, indie rock fans, and hipsters. Reasons being that sound quality is better and of course that romantic ritual of putting the needle to groove. However, the demand for vinyl is … [Read more...]

McDonald’s trimming menu


“A number 6 with a large Coke, please.”   “Uh, sorry. We don’t have that anymore.”   Those are words one might hear at their local McDonald’s starting in January.   However, it’s uncertain if the number 6 (Whatever the hell that may be) is going anywhere, because McDonald’s hasn’t announced which items they plan to trim from their menu.   The Golden Arches will 86 eight items off its current menu in an effort to bounce back from dismal sales numbers in … [Read more...]

Netflix speeds increase 51%


Your Friday night alone just got a little better.   That’s because Netflix announced their speeds have increased by 51% since last year.   According to Netflix, 51% means better-picture, quicker starts, and less interruptions.   Between November 2013 and November 2014 the average Netflix stream rose from 2 Megabits per second to 3.1 Mbps.   Which cable customers saw the best boost in their Netflix streams?   Mediacom customers in the Midwest … [Read more...]

Global population not convinced by climate change, says UN poll


The articles are everywhere. Climate change is here. Rightfully so, because the figures and data reveal that Earth’s climate is undeniably changing, and in-all-likelihood, changing for the bad. But do you actually believe it? And if you do believe, exactly how important is climate change to you? A recent poll conducted by the United Nations shed light on both those questions. According to the poll, which surveyed 6.5-million people across the globe, climate change is at the … [Read more...]

California’s recent rain doesn’t mean drought is over


How much rain does California need to put an end to its worst drought in 1,200 years? Let’s just say it’s a hell of a lot. Therefore, even with the past week’s respectable rainfall, the state’s drought picture hasn’t improved one drop. Areas in Southern California have seen as little as 5% of their annual rainfall, with the most fortunate areas seeing only 75%. In Northern California, snow packs remain less than half full of what they usually are this time of year. 80% of the … [Read more...]

NFL won’t discipline Rams players for protest


Before the St. Louis Rams game home against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, several Rams players pantomimed the “Hand ups! Don’t shoot!” pose during warm-ups in a protest against the Ferguson decision. The silent protest got the attention of the St. Louis Police Association, but they were none too pleased about the pre-game antics. In fact, the association released a statement in which they described themselves as “profoundly disappointed,” with the players’ action. The association … [Read more...]

Adult smoking rate falls below 18%


According to a recent government report, the smoking rate for adults in the United States has fallen below 18% for the first time since last year. The rate remains consistent with 2012’s, and is equivalent to about 42 million smokers nation-wide. Smoking was found to be common amongst the poor, less educated, and gays and bisexuals, according to the report, which was released Wednesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Until a few years ago, the nation’s smoking rate … [Read more...]

Happy Black Friday


The United States of America, as suggested once by the great David F. Wallace, is ostensibly nothing more than one giant shopping mall. So grab the credit card, fill that SUV up with gas, and fight for that parking spot near Macy’s that finally opened up after several laps around the lot and countless times of second guessing yourself and asking, “Why the hell am I at the mall today?” The answer to that question: the deals. Department and retail stores across the country will unleash a … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving: Beware of overeating


Ah, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It’s a day when millions of Americans will loosen their belts, pretend to like their in-laws, and inevitably over-consumer thousands of calories. In fact, the Calorie Control Council says that the average American consumes over 4,500 calories on Turkey Day. One also has to consider the extra-thousand or so calories that consumed through leftovers. With all the delicious options on the table during the holiday season, it almost seems inevitable … [Read more...]

Global warming may subvert war on poverty, says World Bank


Whether you stand on the left or the right, it’s time to agree:   Climate change is real.   And our current climate change, global warming, is very real.   A new report on the impact of global warming asserted that a continuing rise in temperatures could truncate crop yields and water supplies in many poverty-stricken areas around the world.   The report, released by World Bank, warned that less-fortunate regions of the world would no-doubt experience … [Read more...]