First American Case of Ebola Diagnosed


A hospital in Texas has the dubious distinction of treating the first person in the United States to be diagnosed with Ebola. The patient, who is currently in intensive care and is critically ill, recently visited the African country of Liberia to visit family. There, the patient had been unknowingly exposed to the Ebola virus. As it can take several days for Ebola symptoms to appear, the patient had no inkling that on his return trip to his home in Texas that he would soon fall ill with the … [Read more...]

Difficulties Persist in HIV Research


New research into HIV, which is the viral infection that eventually leads to AIDS, has discovered what may be a ray of hope for the many scientists who have had difficulties in developing a cure for the endemic disease. Scientists from The Scripps Research Institute, which is a non-profit biomedical research center based in California, have published a new article in the journal Cell discussing their finding of antibodies in certain patients infected with HIV. These patients have developed … [Read more...]

Infants Exposed to TB in El Paso


Health officials in El Paso, Texas, have announced this last week that as many as 700 infants who have received care at a local hospital may have been exposed to tuberculosis. This announcement came as a result of an employee, who worked in the nursery and post-partum unit at Providence Memorial Hospital, being recently diagnosed with the disease. However, this does not mean that every patient who passed through the ward is infected. While tuberculosis is a communicable disease, it is not often … [Read more...]

Rob Ford Diagnosed with Cancer


Medical staff belonging to Mount Sinai Hospital has diagnosed the 45 year-old Toronto mayor Rob Ford as having a rare, and frequently aggressive, form of cancer. According to reports, Mayor Ford has been suffering pain in his abdomen for several months and has been hospitalized for over a week. Mayor Ford later confirmed the announcement made by the physicians at Mount Sinai in a speech and has stated that he is not seeking re-election but will rather begin chemotherapy. The chemotherapy is … [Read more...]

Suicide Allowed for Belgium Inmate


A fifty-year-old Belgium man, who had been incarcerated in a prison in Bruges since the 1980’s for several rapes and a rape-murder, has been given court approval for a physician-assisted suicide. Frank Van Den Bleeken has been fighting for a legally and medically sanctioned suicide for three years, however Belgium’s Federal Euthanasia Commission had rejected his first request. Without this commission’s approval, Van Den Bleeken would not be allowed to have the relatively painless and effective … [Read more...]

Woman in China Missing Cerebellum


Physicians in China were shocked to discover that an otherwise healthy young woman had been born without a cerebellum. The cerebellum is an important part of the brain, thought to be in control of fine motor movements and balance. The 24-year-old woman had complained of dizziness her whole life, but vertigo had not stopped her from living a seemingly typical life. However, she had been having recent spells of severe nausea and vomiting, which resulted in her seeking medical care to find the … [Read more...]

British Couple Held in Spain Freed


The British couple Brett and Naghmeh King, who had been detained by the Spanish police after child welfare authorities in the southern English city of Southampton reported them as potential child abusers, has been released. The case cause national debate in the United Kingdom as the pair had been detained after removing their child, the five-year-old Ashya King, from medical care in the United Kingdom in order to seek a different treatment abroad in Prague. Prior to their arrest they had been … [Read more...]

Treatments May Be Useful Against Ebola


The World Health Organization has released a statement that the further use of experimental drugs and treatments is encouraged in order to stem the most recent Ebola virus epidemic. Previously, the experimental drug ZMapp was given to six patients, three foreign healthcare workers and three Liberian doctors. While this treatment had some success, with two of the foreign healthcare and two of the Liberian doctors workers surviving the disease, these four rescues depleted the existing ZMapp … [Read more...]

Mass Hysteria Likely in Columbian Illness


President Juan Manuel Santos of Columbia has released a statement on the recent outbreak of illness that has struck the town of El Carmen de Bolivar. Over 200 school-aged girls, ranging from 9 to 16 years old, in the area have reported coming down with a number of symptoms requiring medical care. The most common of these symptoms are headache, fainting, and numbness in their extremities. President Santos has come out stating that the evidence points to not a contagion or contamination, but … [Read more...]

Dengue Fever Reappears in Japan


Japanese health officials in Saitama, a region to the north of the capital city of Tokyo, have reported that a teenaged girl in the area contracted the disease Dengue fever. The young woman is currently in stable condition. This viral infection can cause a variety of symptoms such as skin rashes, cramping, as well as fever and is borne by two species of mosquitoes found in tropical regions. In rare instances this can become fatal, as the virus can cause dangerously low blood pressure. Symptoms … [Read more...]