Massive landslide buries Washington village

A massive landslide in Washington State has destroyed homes, injured more than 100 individuals and has left two dozen individuals dead.  The mudslide occurred on March 21, in the Snohomish County, Wash., community of Oso. The village is about an hour from Seattle. At this time, the cause of the mudslide is believed to be from heavy saturation, due to rain. State of emergency declared for recovery from massive slide Washington governor Jay Inslee told CNN that he expects the death toll … [Read more...]

Girl Has Sleeve Gastrectomy for Constant Hunger

A 12-year-old girl suffering from a rare condition called hypothalamic obesity may be on her way to a healthy weight this weekend after a partial gastric bypass surgery to shrink the size of her stomach. Alexis Shapiro, underwent a sleeve gastrectomy, which will reduce her stomach to about one quarter of its original size. Doctors had planned to give the girl a full gastric bypass surgery and operate on the vagus nerve, which was supposed to regulate her feelings of hunger. The young girl … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Sinclair Avoids Jail in Sex Abuse Case

The top-ranking Army General accused of sexually assaulting a former lover and subordinate learned his fate on the morning of March 20. Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair must pay more than $24,000 in fines – but he does not face jail time and will not be demoted from his current rank. This week’s sentencing brings a two year ordeal to a close for several individuals – including Sinclair’s accuser – a junior officer  he admitted mistreating. Before a plea deal between the government and … [Read more...]

Two Dead, One Injured in Seattle Helicopter Crash

A Seattle-based media company is mourning the loss of two personnel after a helicopter crash on March. 18. The helicopter, used by  the Seattle-based KOMO broadcast station, crashed with three on board. Two people on board the aircraft are believed to have died. The condition of the helicopter’s third occupant is unknown. A third patient, a 38-year-old man, who was believed to have been on the ground and was hit as the helicopter crash occurred, is in critical condition. KOMO has confirmed … [Read more...]

Drug Maker Denies Compassionate Use Request, Starts New Trial

  The family of a 7-year-old Memphis boy got positive news on March 11, two days after CNN revealed their battle with drug manufacturer Chimerix. Todd Hardy and his wife, along with their son’s doctors, have been appealing to the company to allow them obtain an oral version of brincidofovir, a drug that just might help him recover from a severe viral infection. The company repeatedly denied the request, but on March 11, they relented. Josh Hardy is hospitalized in Memphis, Tenn., … [Read more...]

Safeway Sells Itself to Cerebrus Capital Management

In big grocery news, late last week came an announcement that Albertsons and its parent company will purchase the Safeway grocery chain. The deal, between Safeway and Cerebrus Capital Management, is reportedly around $9.2 billion, and is expected to close during the fourth quarter. Media reports indicate that both Albertsons and Safeway have recently sought ways to expand their reach, fighting against online retailers and stores like Walmart. If the deal goes through, this will create the … [Read more...]

Zynga Announces Revamp, Future Launches of Three Titles

Zynga is back in the news with plans to step up their game in the mobile world. The electronic game company announced on March 3 that they have revamped three popular titles for play on mobile platforms and will be releasing them to the public in the months to come. Before the end of the month, some Zynga players will be able to play Zynga Poker, Words with Friends and Farmville 2: Country Escape” on Android and iOS devices. The game maker has not named the markets where this will be … [Read more...]

After Two Decades, Nutrition Labels Will Change

For the first time in two decades, the labels that grace every packaged or processed food that moves from a supermarket to a family’s table, pantry and freezer are getting a makeover. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration outlined some of the proposed changes in a Feb. 27 news release.  Those changes include the following: Updated serving sizes to reflect what consumers typically eat now. Serving sizes have not changed since 1994, although the way people eat and what they eat has … [Read more...]

G20 Finance Ministers Pledge to Boost Economic Growth

Representatives of the world’s Group of 20 (more commonly known as G20), met last week; out of that meeting came a pledge to boost economic growth by $2 trillion above forecasts for the next five years. Not only that, but they expect to boost the GDP of G20 countries by an additional two percent and create new jobs in the tens of millions over the same time frame. This was not the main meeting of G20 representatives. That will be in November, in Brisbane. Last weekend’s meeting (Feb. 22-23) … [Read more...]

Hanford Nuclear Facility Under Scrutiny Again

A subcontractor who headed safety for the cleanup of the former nuclear facility in Hanford, Wash., was fired last week – she says it is because she raised concerns about her coworkers ignoring serious issues. The Los Angeles Times reports that Donna Busche is at least the third senior project official with URS or another agency who has lost a job after questioning the safety of the construction project. Walt Tamosaitis was fired in 2012 after he questioned the effectiveness and safety of a … [Read more...]