Amanda Knox Once Again Faces Murder Charge

It’s easy to get into a fight with your friends but how far can you go when you are angry? Well, the unfortunate truth is, some people can go to the extent of murders. As Amanda Knox did with her roommate, or at least is being charged with the blame. Knox was accused of murdering Meredith Kercher, her roommate. The death of the victim originally occurred in November 2007 but Amanda was set free after her acquittal in 2011-serving only 4 years.

The case has now been reopened on the order of the appeals court of Florence in Italy. This will be the 3rd trial for the murder, previous ones being held in 2007 and 2011. The reopening of the files have been taken into account since March this year, when Italy’s highest court decided to set-up a new trial for Knox.

Amanda originally became a suspect of the murder along with her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, due to their conflicting views and odd behavior with Kercher. Kercher was found in a pool of blood in an apartment she shared with Amanda, raising direct questions towards Knox. However, another man, Rudy Guede, has also been convicted and is currently serving time in jail. Though, the court was convinced that Rudy had not acted alone.

On the first day of the current trial, the court agreed to test a knife for DNA imprints. The knife was presumably the weapon used for the killing as it was found in Raffaele’s kitchen even though this knife wasn’t seen significantly during the first two trials.

Neither Amanda Knox nor Sollecito showed up in court, as it wasn’t binding on them too. Their lawyers issued statements calling this act a series of “infinite trials”, justifying it with the explanation that murder charges had no limitations.

Additionally, the court also formed consensus to hear a testimony from Luciano Aviello, a mobster currently in jail. Luciano had told Sollecito that his brother was involved in the murder in a jailhouse discussion.

All the good news wasn’t for the prosecutor, however. The judge also accepted photos from Sollecito that showed that his nails were trimmed down at the time of the murder by which he meant to convince the court that he had not done the murder in a sexual assault, which is what Kercher’s family is imposing on him.

The Kercher family has called these years the worst they have seen. They are still convinced that all three people were present at the scene of the crime. However, they are still in vain till a final decision is given. Along with which the Italian Judicial System is left to answer many questions, with contradictions within courts themselves. Nonetheless, the biggest question is, will justice be served?

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