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UK Issues Broad Travel Warning

The United Kingdom has taken the nearly unprecedented step of releasing a warning to all potential international travellers from the state to be wary about their security. Typically, most countries, including the United Kingdom, only issue travel warnings for specific states where their citizens may travel. For example, if a region is experiencing violent conflict or a natural … [Read More...]

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Supplements still sold despite recall, says study

According to a new study, even after the Food and Drug Administration placed recalls on dietary supplements that contain tainted drugs, many of the banned supplements remained on store shelves.   Lead author of the study, Dr. Pieter A. Cohen, explained that the supplements are not allowed to be sold after the FDA has banned […]

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Google developing cancer detector

Google Inc is developing a technology that can diagnose impending heart attacks or strokes and cancers among other diseases at an early stage than is possible today. The technology being developed by the California-based multi-national corporation aims at combining nanoparticles that can detect diseases. The nanoparticles will enter the bloodstream of the patient in the […]

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A Doggone Good Halloween

Tweet With Halloween only days, away children throughout the United States are excitedly discussing their costume selection. In many families not only will adults and children be dressed for the holiday, but in a growing trend so will the family pet. Marketing Halloween costumes for dogs has become a big business, but some experts warn [...]

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Unmanned Rocket Explodes During Launch

Tweet An unmanned supply rocket destined for the International Space Station has exploded during launch from the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.  The 14 storey Antares rocket combusted just seconds after leaving the launch pad and the cause has yet to be determined. The rocket had originally been due to launch on Monday but this [...]


Malaysian Opposition Trial Soon Over

Tweet The leader of the political opposition and member of the Malaysian parliament Anwar Ibrahim, 67 years old, will likely be sentenced this Thursday, October 30th, in the reoccurring sodomy trial the Malaysian government has pursued against him. Anwar Ibrahim was charged with committing sodomy against one of his former aides several years ago. He [...]