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Was Office Supply Retailer Staples Hit with Data Breach?

Since Thanksgiving of 2013 over a dozen big names in retail, along with several banks have been hit with data breaches that made mincemeat of their computer security. Brian Krebs a well-known cyber-security expert and writer was among the first to report the possibility that the office supply company Staples might be the victim of a data hack. This would put Staples in the … [Read More...]

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GMO labeling foes to spend big in Oregon

Oregon’s mandatory genetically modified organism (GMO)-labeling initiative named as Measure 92 is all set to become the costliest vote in the history of the state. Opponents of the GMO food labeling proposal have already raised about $20 million for the ‘no’ campaign against the proposed laws in the state, according to campaign finance reports. This […]

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Will PIN’s Give Way to Prints

As the thoughts of the public turn to the holidays and shopping concerns over ongoing customer information security breaches, and stolen credit card numbers has many nervous. New thumbprint technology could mean the end to these concerns, but will change happen fast enough, and will customers embrace this new method? Credit and debit cards with […]

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Nigeria Declared Free of Ebola Virus

Tweet Good news regarding the world’s Ebola crisis has been in short supply, but according to the World Health Organization or WHO Nigeria is free of the virus. Speaking to the media WHO representative Rui Guama Vaz stated it was a success story as the country reached the sixth week with no new cases. The disease [...]

Possible Serial Killer In Indiana

Tweet It sounds like something from a Law and Order episode. As you gather the facts and hear about the evidence you expect to hear the familiar sounds of the opening sequence of the popular television series. Multiple bodies, a suspect, a search warrant executed, and a possible arrest. It is the stuff a good [...]

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Sugary drinks signs help change habits of teens

Tweet Signs that warn consumers on how much exercise they should do to burn off the calories they gain from sugary drinks may trigger healthy choices, researchers from the Baltimore-based John Hopkins University (JHU) recently suggested. As part of a study the researchers observed the purchasing habits of teenagers and they found youngsters purchased lesser [...]