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Sponsors Admit Concerns amid Fifa Arrests Controversy

Several key sponsors of Fifa have admitted they have serious concerns about the organisation at the head of world football after allegations of racketeering, fraud and money laundering.  One of them, Coca-Cola, said that the World Cup had been tarnished by a lengthy controversy. The concerns following the arrest on Wednesday of seven top officials in Zurich who were part of … [Read More...]

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Call for New World Antibiotic Research Fund

The pharmaceutical industry is being called upon to set up a $2 billion fund to innovate and revitalise the research into antibiotics in return for guaranteed payments to those companies who produce new drugs. Currently, there are very few new antibiotics under development yet there is a global spread in resistant bacteria that can combat […]

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Businesses Hold Breath as New Google Mobile Ratings Begin

Businesses who rely on the internet to allow people to find them through their website are waiting tensely today to see if the latest update from Google has caused them to vanish from search engine results.  Nicknamed ‘mobilegeddon’ by some, the new changes are centred on how mobile friendly a website is when people search […]

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El Nino

Food Markets Could be Disrupted by El Nino

Tweet If the events this year surrounding the El Nino come to pass, experts are warning that global food markets could be effected.  A strong El Nino could see an increase in the price of staple foods such as rice, sugar, cocoa and coffee, according to scientists. Forecasters agree that the El Nino effect is […]

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Missing Migrants Found and Offered Shelter

Tweet A ship filled with migrants drifting off the coast of Thailand has been rescued by Indonesian fisherman following its discovery by the UK’s BBC news channel.  A reporter from the channel discovered the ship last Thursday when it had been stranded by a broken engine with its occupants filthy and covered with insects. Nor […]

Luxury Hotels

Top Luxury Hotels for Summer Holidays

Tweet For many people, the mind will inevitably wander towards summer and where to spend their summer vacation.  For lots of us, that will mean hunting out a bargain and finding something that will keep the kids occupied.  For others, however, a short break somewhere luxurious is a reward for the work of the year.  […]