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Sony attack

Sony Made Mistake Cancelling Film, Says Obama

President Barack Obama has voiced his opinion over the cancelling of a movie release by Sony Pictures following a cyber-attack from North Korea, calling it ‘a mistake’.  He said he was sympathetic to the concerns the company had but he thought that it was a bad idea to start ‘what way of doing business’. The statement came just hours after an announcement from the FBI that … [Read More...]

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Ebola Outbreak Still Ahead of Efforts Says WHO

Efforts to contain the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, which has killed thousands, are still running behind the virus, according to the head of the World Health Organisation (WHO).  Director General Margaret Chan said that while the situation had improved in some parts of the region, complacency was something to be wary of. She added […]

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Vinyl Revival

Vinyl’s big comeback

And the biggest music comeback in 2014 was…? … Need a hint? It wasn’t an artist or band. But rather, vinyl records. According to industry data, nearly 8-million vinyl records were sold as of date in 2014, which is up nearly 50% percent from one year ago. Vinyl has become popular with younger people, indie […]

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Computer Glitch Brings UK Airports to a Standstill

Tweet Airports across the UK are today recovering from a computer fault that saw widespread disruption around the country yesterday.  Around 40 flights from Heathrow Airport have been cancelled following a failure in the computers of the National Air Traffic Services (NATS) control centre. NATS stated that a technical fault in the flight data system […]


McDonald’s trimming menu

Tweet “A number 6 with a large Coke, please.”   “Uh, sorry. We don’t have that anymore.”   Those are words one might hear at their local McDonald’s starting in January.   However, it’s uncertain if the number 6 (Whatever the hell that may be) is going anywhere, because McDonald’s hasn’t announced which items they […]

California Storms

California To Be Hit by Heavy Storms

Tweet California is normally in the news for being hit by drought but this week it is seeing the other extreme of its climate.  In the state where famously it never rains, it is doing exactly the opposite.  With around half an inch of rain per hour falling in the north of the state yesterday, […]