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More Brazilian Police Convicted for 1992 Massacre

It was on a Friday in the October of 1992, that Brazilian military police entered the Carandiru Penitentiary after a large-scale riot. The riot had begun when a pair of competing gangs began to rumble, only to have the violence spread to the whole of the prison population. By the time the prison had been pacified by the troops 111 prisoners had died, with only 9 of them being … [Read More...]

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Subway Removes Infamous Bread Ingredient

Subway has announced an ingredient infamously dubbed the “yoga mat chemical” will be completely removed from its bread within a week. The sandwich giant received vast criticism from the public after a food blogger began an online petition asking the chain to remove the chemical from its bread. The ingredient, scientifically known as azocarbonamide, is […]

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Amazon Launches Dash To Boost Grocery Sales

  After drones, Kindle and Fire TV, online retail giant Amazon Friday introduced a new hand-held gadget called Dash that helps consumers to add household goods and groceries to their shopping lists using AmazonFresh’s service.   Dash is a 6 inches long black-and-white hand-held remote-control device that features a bar-code reader, a speaker and a […]

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The Legend Michael Phelps to Return to Pool

Ryan Lotche can expect to have some competition in the pool next week at the Arena Grand Prix, in Mesa Arizona. 22 time Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps will be competing, that’s right Phelps is coming out of retirement to compete at the meet next weekend. This will be Phelp’s first swim meet since the […]


Nevada Cattle “Range War” Ends

Protesters who had demonstrated for a week against the federal government in a controversial cattle confiscation was gratified on Sunday when a court order to remove the cattle were waived. The show down occurred as neighbors and others interested in the case of Clive Bundy amassed to protest the removal of over 900 cattle that […]


Attempted murder charges against infant dropped

A week after officials in Pakistan booked a 9-month old boy on attempted murder charges, a judge has dropped those charges. The incident was first reported by U.S. media outlets on April 7, but according to some outlets, the situation goes back two months – to an incident on Feb. 1, 2014. Family members of […]