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Ocean Life under Serious Threat from CO2 Emissions

A new report in the journal Science has said that unless CO2 emissions are dramatically cut, the world’s marine life is facing irreversible damage.  The oceans are getting warmer, losing oxygen and becoming more acidic, all due to the growing levels of carbon dioxide. The scientists go on to say that the maximum temperature rise of 2 degrees that governments have put in … [Read More...]

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Cancer 2

Drug Combination Shrinks 60% of Melanomas

A new trial has suggested that using a pair of cancer drugs can shrink the tumours of people with advanced melanoma by around 60%.  The international trial used 945 patients and found that treatment with ipilimumab and nivolumab stopped the cancer advancing for a twelve month period in 58% of those involved. Melanoma is the […]

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Apple Unveils New Music Streaming Service

Apple has announced that it is venturing into the music streaming world with the release of a new app that combines a music video library, internet radio station and song streaming service.  The service will use a recommendation system based on both computer algorithms and human curators to suggest songs to users and will be […]

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Shell Engraving Idea to Help Save Endangered Tortoise

Tweet Conservationists are so concerned about one of the world’s most endangered species, a tortoise that they are resorting to engraving its shell to save its life.  The Ploughshare tortoises are highly prized due to their attractive black and gold shells that fetch a high price on the international black market. Efforts to harvest these […]

Kennewick Man

DNA Reignited Debate over Ancient Skeleton

Tweet A 9,000-year-old human skeleton known as the Kennewick Man has been the subject of controversy for many years.  It is claimed as an ancestor by the Native Americans who say the skeleton should be reburied but a group of anthropologists won a legal bid to study the bones.  Now their results had reignited the […]


New Study Shows Earth Entering New Extinction Phase

Tweet According to a study conducted by three US universities, the Earth has entered a new period of extinction and human beings could be top on the casualty list. The report said that vertebrates were vanishing 114 times the normal rate and was conducted primarily by the universities of Stanford, Princeton and Berkeley, while the […]