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Allergies a Modern Epidemic

With an historically high rate of one in three in the Western world developing allergies, many theories have been advanced as to the cause. A new theory has this problem being related to bacteria. Those who live in the West, including the United States, and the U.K. are found by University of Chicago researchers to have fewer bacteria than those who live in other parts of the … [Read More...]

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First Ebola Case in Senegal

Senegal has confirmed its first case of Ebola in a statement from the health minister, Awa Marie Coll Seck on Friday.  This makes the country the fifth in the region to have reported cases of the deadly disease. The patient was a young man who had travelled from Guinea while infected with the virus and […]

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WHO Decides on Ebola Drug Ethics

This week the WHO gathered a panel of medical ethicists and medical experts to discuss whether the use of unproven, and largely untested, drugs should be given to victims of the recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The outbreak has claimed at least 1000 lives in the last few months and is now considered to […]

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School Starts Too Early, According to Doctors

According to a recently released policy statement, the American Academy of Pediatrics says that adolescents are not getting enough sleep, creating a serious health problem.   In addition to poor academic performance, sleep deprivation raises the rates of traffic accidents, obesity, and depression in teenagers, with schools that start too early exacerbating the problem.   [...]


Common gut bacteria can prevent food allergies

A team of researchers said bacteria that are naturally living inside the human digestive system help in preventing allergies. They are also the source of treating the allergies, said the researchers. They further showed that a group of bacteria named Clostridia help in blocking peanut-based allergies in mice. In order to treat the allergies, the [...]


No Amount of Alcohol Safe, says World Health Organization

The long-held belief that moderate alcohol consumption benefits one’s health has been contradicted by many studies in the past, creating mixed opinions on the belief. However, earlier this year, the World Health Organization released a report that vehemently suggested a link between cancer and alcohol, which ultimately labeled any amount of alcohol unsafe. In addition [...]