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Anzac Day Commemorates Gallipoli Centenary

Australian and New Zealand’s most important national occasions, Anzac Day, is this year focusing on the soldiers who died from the countries at Gallipoli in Turkey during World War 1.  Events are taking place through the day to mark the centenary of the landing of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (Anzacs) at Gallipoli including a service held on the peninsula by a … [Read More...]

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Medieval Potion May Hold Key to Killing Superbug

When you hear stories handed down through generations about what household item kills what bacteria or cures which illness, we often think of it as just an old wives’ tale.  But research is showing that one such potion dating from over 1000 years ago may hold the key to wiping out the superbug MRSA. The […]

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Smart Waders Let Anglers Collect Scientific Data

If ever the angler needed an excuse to undertake their favourite hobby, then they now have a new one – they are collecting data to help study the waters for scientists.  A group of Dutch scientists have developed smart waders that not only help find the best spots to fish but also collect information about […]

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Migrant Tragedy Starts Again in Mediterranean

Tweet As the warmer weather comes around, many people turn their mind to their summer holidays or working in the garden.  But in areas of the world such as Libya, minds turn to the opportunity to try to make a dangerous journey across the Mediterranean to Europe. As the skies clear and the seas settle, […]


Questions Increase as Officer Intentionally Hits Suspect with Car

Tweet The Arizona Police Department have claimed that an officer who intentionally hit a suspect with a car actually saved his life.  However, the man’s lawyer strongly disagrees and the video from the dashboard camera has initiated strong debate around the country about what type of force police should use on a man with a […]


Mars Rover Finds Liquid Water Evidence

Tweet The NASA operated Curiosity Rover currently at work touring Mars has found evidence that water exist in a liquid form near the surface of the red planet.  It was always thought that Mars was too cold to support liquid water on its surface but salts contained in the soil means the freezing point is […]