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Virus Studied as Link to Limb Frailty

Federal officials are looking into reports from hospitals and doctors of symptoms similar to polio affecting children who have enterovirus 68. The virus, which has spread quickly across the United States typically causes respiratory illness, and hasn’t been linked to limb weakness, paralysis, or frailty in the past. Several cases of limb weakness among children in the … [Read More...]

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Stillbirth Rate

Half of Stillbirths Could be Prevented with Scan

A new report in the UK states that more than half the stillbirths could be prevented if there was implementation of additional scans.  The report, from leading obstetrician Prof Kypros Nicolaides, says that all women Doppler scans that measure the blood flow from placenta to foetus could save around 1500 babies in the country each […]

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Smart House

Smart Houses May Help Those With Dementia

New research is showing that smart houses may be a help to people with dementia as numbers of cases continue to increase year on year.  Dementia is an umbrella term for a range of around 100 brain diseases that cause memory, language skill, mental ability, understanding and judgement problems.  Around 44 million people worldwide now […]

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Fish, nuts help ease joint pain

Tweet Olive oil, nuts, an array of colorful fruits and vegetables may help ameliorate inflammation and pain caused by arthritis.   However, dieticians are quick to remind that the best way to keep your body in shape is to practice the age-old habits of eating well, eating in moderation, and exercise.   Shannon Tokarski, a [...]


Physical Activity Leads to Brain Activity

Tweet In the old days, playing outside was the best time of day for kids of all ages.   Whether it was summer time, holidays, or after school, children could not wait to get outside and run around.   In fact, our parents forced us to get out of the house, interact with your friends, and engage [...]


Health Officials Alarmed Over Vaccination Refusal

Tweet Orange Country, California Public Health Officials state they are alarmed by the growing number of measles and whooping cough cases, and they blame parents refusing to have children immunized. Unlike other similar such disputes however, these parents are mostly from wealthy communities. In the past few decades as vaccinate debates have waged in doctor’s [...]