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Nor’easter Could Affect Thanksgiving Travel

Weather watchers are warning of an unwelcome guest for the holiday in the form of a powerful storm heading up the East Coast. By early Wednesday the northern areas of Florida through to the state of Maryland was experiencing rain, but this is only the beginning of what could result in heavy snowfall throughout the east. The best time to leave for extended driving travel was … [Read More...]

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Laundry detergent pods risk to children

Last year a Florida mother discovered her 7-month-old son had accidentally eaten a bright colored laundry detergent pod. He was sleeping in a laundry basket when it happened. The boy was rushed to a hospital, but, according to Kissimmee, Florida Police, he died of poisoning from the detergent. The 7-month-old Florida boy wasn’t the first […]

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NASA: Humans on Mars by 2035

After NASA just recently landed a washing machine-sized, the agency is already looking forward to what they hope will be their next cosmic journey: Mars. Dr. Ellen Stofan, NASA’s lead scientist, wants to land a human on the fourth planet from the sun by the mid-2030’s. Mars, according to Stofan, would be the most rational […]

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Russia Hard Hit By Sanctions

Tweet A  dip in the cost of oil and western sanctions is beginning to affect Russia. The country’s finance minister claims the country has seen a $140bn cost so far. While some of the pressure on Russia is fixed through the sanctions, other pressures such as the cost of oil continues to change. The sanctions […]


Thanksgiving: Beware of overeating

Tweet Ah, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It’s a day when millions of Americans will loosen their belts, pretend to like their in-laws, and inevitably over-consumer thousands of calories. In fact, the Calorie Control Council says that the average American consumes over 4,500 calories on Turkey Day. One also has to consider the extra-thousand […]


Global warming may subvert war on poverty, says World Bank

Tweet Whether you stand on the left or the right, it’s time to agree:   Climate change is real.   And our current climate change, global warming, is very real.   A new report on the impact of global warming asserted that a continuing rise in temperatures could truncate crop yields and water supplies in […]