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Russian Security Chief Confirms Egypt Plane was Bombed

The chief of Russian security has confirmed that the Russian A321 airliner that crashed in Egypt last month was brought down by a terrorist attack, leading to the death of all 224 people on board.  Traces of ‘foreign explosives’ were found amid the debris of the Airbus, according to FSB Chief Alexander Bortnikov. In response to the findings, Russia’s president Vladimir Putin … [Read More...]

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Meat Industry Fury as WHO Classes Processed Meat with Tobacco

For many people, having sausages, a ham sandwich or other processed meat products is just a normal part of life.  But according to the World Health Organisation report released on Monday, eating processed meat products increases the risk of getting cancer while unprocessed red meat may also be carcinogenic or cancer-causing. The WHO now classified […]

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FBI Works with Hackers to Stop Bank Robbing Virus

A massive hacking operation that was infecting computers around the world and stealing at least $10 million in the US alone has been foiled by a joint operation between the US and British police along with assistance from hackers and cybersecurity firms. US prosecutors announced on Tuesday that they had achieved a victory in the […]

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Historic Talks Take Place between China and Taiwan Leaders

Tweet Historic talks have taken place between the leaders of China and Taiwan for the first time in over 60 years.  President Xi Jinping of China and President Ma Ying-jeou of Taiwan shook hands at the start of the talks, which are seen by most as largely symbolic. China views Taiwan as a breakaway province […]

Low Fat vs Low Carb Diets – Who Wins?

Tweet There are plenty of ideas about how to lose weight with eating less fat being one of the top ones while another top idea is that shedding pounds is achieved through shedding carbs.  But now a new study has compared the results of both and discovered there is actually very little difference between the […]

Theories Mount Up over Russian Plane Crash

Tweet As officials continue to investigate the evidence gathered from the scene of the tragic plane crash in Egypt this week, theories are mounting up concerning what may or may not have happened.  These range from Metrojet Flight 9268 having an explosion in a fuel tank to a missile strike from the ground being responsible. […]