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Georgia Governor to Sign New Gun Law

Governor Nathan Deal is expected to sign legislation on a controversial gun law on Wednesday. This would expand the gun rights of citizens in this state in what is called by lobbyists for the National Rifle Association “comprehensive” pro-gun reform legislation. The new law will expand the number of public places were licensed owners can carry firearms. This legislation … [Read More...]

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Ebola Outbreak Reaches City

Guinea is one of the poorest countries in the world, a small state in West Africa which has many problems and sees this being added to with an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus.  Of the 12 million residents of the country, 2 million of them live in the capital city Conakry, and this is […]

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Great Lake Found on Saturn Moon

New reports details in Science magazine say that there is evidence for an underground ocean on Saturn’s moon, Enceladus. The new information came about when jets of icy material were first seen ejecting into space from a striped region in the south pole of the moon.  This follows NASA’s Cassini probe flew over the moon […]

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David Moyes Sacked by Manchester United

After just 10 months in charge, David Moyes has been sacked as manager of Premiership side Manchester United.  He was the chosen successor of Sir Alex Ferguson when he retired after leading the side for 26 years but was informed at 8am BST that he was dismissed. Speculation had been rife in the last 24 […]


Netflix Will Raise Prices

For the first time in three years, the ever so popular Internet video service, Netflix, will raise its prices. A good first quarter earnings report is partly the reason why the company plans to raise prices, but the Internet video service also needs to amplify its yields in order to pay for the production of […]

"2009 Leonid Meteor" by Ed Sweeney

Suspected meteorite strikes in Russia

Residents of northern Russia have quite possibly had not one, but two encounters with fireballs that have lit up the night’s sky, in less than two years.  The most recent incident occurred around 2 a.m. Russian time on Saturday, April 19; multiple drivers recorded images of a fireball streaking across the sky above Murmansk, in […]