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Winter Storm

Historic Snowstorm Approach Shuts Down New York

New York City and a number of other areas across the north east of the US have shut down in anticipation of the arrival of Winter Storm Juno, which is expected to deposit as much as 36 inches of snow on the area. All non-emergency vehicles were banned from the streets of the city from 11pm last night and services on the subway were suspended.  States of emergency have been … [Read More...]

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McDonald’s trimming menu

“A number 6 with a large Coke, please.”   “Uh, sorry. We don’t have that anymore.”   Those are words one might hear at their local McDonald’s starting in January.   However, it’s uncertain if the number 6 (Whatever the hell that may be) is going anywhere, because McDonald’s hasn’t announced which items they plan […]

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CentComm Hack

US Military Command Social Media Accounts Hacked

A group claiming to be backed by Islamic State have hacked into the Twitter and YouTube accounts of the US military command that resulted in the accounts being suspended for a few hours.  One message on the Centcom Twitter feed boasted ‘American soldiers, we are coming watch your back’. The messages were signed ISIS, another […]

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2014 Officially Warmest Year on Record

Tweet 2014 Officially Warmest Year on Record An announcement on Friday confirmed what many people had already thought – that 2014 was officially the warmest year on record, with an average temperature 0.07 degrees Fahrenheit higher than the previous best. The National Climatic Data Centre, a division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), […]


High Alert in Place Across Europe Following Raids

Tweet Countries across Europe are on high alert following anti-terror raids and the arrest of a number of suspected Islamist militants.  Over 20 people in Belgium, France and Germany were arrested after Belgium joined France in sending troops to work with the police. A number of countries have tightened their security following the deadly attacks […]

Sea Levels

Sea Level Rise Quicker Than Expected

Tweet A group of US based scientists have released a report showing that the rise in sea levels over the last twenty years is more significant than was previously thought.  They assessed tide gauge data from 1900 to 1990 and discovered that the seas only increased around 1.2mm per years, slower than expected.  However since […]