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How to Know if You Have an Addiction

Typically when someone mentions addiction, drugs or alcohol are the main candidates that come to mind.  But in a new book published by the Telegraph newspaper, therapist David Smallwood explains that many of our daily behaviours could be signs of addiction. Finding the problem Many of our behaviours are viewed as just habits or even nothing at all – working a 12-hour day when … [Read More...]

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Microbeads Harming the Great Lakes

The face wash you use every night, or even that tooth paste you use in the morning, may be harming the Great Lakes, according to researchers. At the 10th Great Lakes Restoration Conference last week in Grand Rapids, Michigan, scientists and researchers gathered to discuss the current state of the lakes. Pollution and how to […]

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Smart House

Smart Houses May Help Those With Dementia

New research is showing that smart houses may be a help to people with dementia as numbers of cases continue to increase year on year.  Dementia is an umbrella term for a range of around 100 brain diseases that cause memory, language skill, mental ability, understanding and judgement problems.  Around 44 million people worldwide now […]

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Berries Could Help Fight Cancer

Tweet New research is suggesting that wild berries can be used to help fight cancer alongside conventional treatment by boosting its effectiveness.  The study, carried out by King’s College Hospital and the University of Southampton, found that using North American chokeberries alongside common chemotherapy drugs had a better effect on pancreatic cancer. The results showed [...]


Study Finds Comfort Food a Myth

Tweet Ice cream, usually dripping with chocolate is the cure for a bad breakup. A tough day at work means a plateful of Mac and cheese, while a tsunami of trouble, such as being late for work AND getting a traffic ticket needs cheesecake for consolation. These are the facts most of us believe when [...]


Obama: Global Security Threat from Ebola

Tweet President Barack Obama has announced the US is to take a larger role in the fight against the deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa, calling it a threat to global security.  The measures include sending 3,000 US troops to the region and the building of new healthcare facilities. Mr Obama said that the world [...]