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Mudslide claims 21 lives in India village

A massive  mudslide triggered by torrential rain for two days almost buried an entire tribal village under 20 feet of mud near Bhimashankar hills in Pune district in western India early Wednesday claiming 21 lives. At least 170 tribals have been trapped under the mud. About 400 rescue workers toiled through Wednesday to Thursday trying to locate survivors. Till last reports … [Read More...]

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Sick Food Industry Workers Concerns CDC

The CDC has concerns about recent outbreaks of illness such as a norovirus that can spread from food handling, but many food industry workers state they can’t afford to stay home when sick. According to a new report from the Center for Disease Control roughly 20 million people become ill every year due to the spread […]

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NASA flying saucer

NASA Tests Saucer-shaped Spacecraft for Mars Use

NASA conducted what was deemed a successful trial of landing apparatus and a saucer-shaped spacecraft as part of preparation for future missions to Mars Saturday in Hawaii, despite the failure of the new supersonic parachute. More details on the trial, which NASA said will actually provide more information because of the failure, will be released […]

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Venice Beach Lightning Storm Kills 1, Injures 13

  A 15-minute lighting storm struck the southern portion of Venice Beach on Sunday afternoon, killing one California man and injuring 13 others. The rare weather phenomenon produced four direct lightning strikes that sent beachgoers scrambling for cover. Weather conditions that set the stage for the lightning storm are expected to dissipate today, making it […]


Recent Plane Disasters Spark Phobias

Some people are always nervous flyers, but with recent high profile air related tragedies being played and replayed over media, experts predicted an increase in flight phobia or aviophobia. Flight MH370 carrying 298 people was shot down over the Ukraine earlier this month and Air Algeria Flight AH5017 similarly disappeared last week and was discovered […]


Don’t Drink the Pool Water

As children spend summer days frolicking in the pool, experts have a new warning for parents: chlorinated water could be potentially dangerous for kids. It’s practically inevitable that a child will consume pool water while they’re splashing away, and some may even take a drink, despite warnings from mom or dad. However, swallowing too much […]