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Migrant Crisis 1

Jubilant Scenes as Migrants Reach Austria

There were cheers and jubilant scenes as busloads of migrants finally reached the border between Hungary and Austria early Saturday.  Weary and clutching their new meagre belongings, the migrants left the buses in the rain and walked over the border to Nicklesdorf, where waiting locals cheered.  Convoy buses were waiting for them with food and supplies along with the Austrian … [Read More...]

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Teamwork Required to Stop Superbug Deaths Says CDC

In the next five years, an estimated 37,000 people could die from a new superbug that are resistant to antibiotics unless health care centres work together to stop infections, according to a new report from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). One of the authors of the report, Dr John Jernigan, said that […]

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US Military and Intelligence Data ‘Accessed’ in New Hack

Hackers have gained access to sensitive data on the US intelligence and military personnel and appear to once again have connections with China, according to US officials.  The details follow the information regarding a major hack were disclosed last week and officials have released details of a second hack. Fears There are fears that the […]

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Shooter in Virginia Was a ‘Human Powder Keg’

Tweet The man who killed two journalists while they were live on TV in the US state of Virginia has described himself as a ‘human powder keg’ in a rambling fax sent to ABC News, received just after the attack. Vester Flanagan had been dismissed by the same station, WDBJ7, and the fax claims that […]

Stock Exchange

Dow Sees Turbulent Day after China Economic Problems

Tweet It was a very turbulent day for US stocks yesterday as the Dow saw an unprecedented 1,000 point decline when the market opened on Monday and finished the end of the day with a loss of almost 600 points.  Much of the problems come from fears about the economic slowdown in China though a […]

France train

Americans Stop Gunman on French Train

Tweet Three people have been injured after a man opened fire on a train in the north of France, before he was overpowered by a group including American passengers.  The incident took place on the high-speed Thalys service near the town of Arras and the attacker was taken into custody in the town’s train station. […]