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Rob Ford Diagnosed with Cancer

Medical staff belonging to Mount Sinai Hospital has diagnosed the 45 year-old Toronto mayor Rob Ford as having a rare, and frequently aggressive, form of cancer. According to reports, Mayor Ford has been suffering pain in his abdomen for several months and has been hospitalized for over a week. Mayor Ford later confirmed the announcement made by the physicians at Mount Sinai in … [Read More...]

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Gay lawmaker says he’s taking anti-HIV drug

In a first of its kind, a gay San Francisco lawmaker publicly acknowledged on Wednesday that he was using every day an effective HIV-prevention drug named Truvada. Hoping that his disclosure will help minimise the stigma around gay men who are on medication, the lawmaker Scott Wiener urged other high-risk urban dwellers to do what […]

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Smart House

Smart Houses May Help Those With Dementia

New research is showing that smart houses may be a help to people with dementia as numbers of cases continue to increase year on year.  Dementia is an umbrella term for a range of around 100 brain diseases that cause memory, language skill, mental ability, understanding and judgement problems.  Around 44 million people worldwide now […]

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Suicide Allowed for Belgium Inmate

Tweet A fifty-year-old Belgium man, who had been incarcerated in a prison in Bruges since the 1980’s for several rapes and a rape-murder, has been given court approval for a physician-assisted suicide. Frank Van Den Bleeken has been fighting for a legally and medically sanctioned suicide for three years, however Belgium’s Federal Euthanasia Commission had [...]


New Mexico Nuclear Tests Studied

Tweet Federal researchers will begin a study of fallout in the area of the original nuclear testing site. The codename for this first test of a nuclear weapon was Trinity and it was conducted by the United Sates government in July of 1945 in what was a “top secret” operation, at the White Sands Proving [...]


Further Reduction in Sugar Intake Recommended

Tweet Health experts are now targeting a further reduction in sugar intake for people by halving the recommended amount of sugar consumed each day.  Both the World Health Organisation (WHO) and government advisors in England have said that sugar should only account for 5% of energy intake, down from the current advice of 10%. However [...]