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FBI Helps Moldova Stop Nuclear Smuggling Plot

The FBI have helped the authorities in Moldova to stop three different potential nuclear and radioactive smuggling plots in the last five years, the Moldovan interior minister said on Wednesday. The cases were sting operations within the former Soviet republic and no-one from jihadi groups were involved, according to a US law enforcement officer involved in the … [Read More...]

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Lowering Blood Pressure under 120 Reduces Risks of Heart Disease

Recent findings from a study by the National Institutes of Health has shown that it can be worthwhile treating patients whose blood pressure falls into the ‘grey zone’ between 120 and 140 often referred to as the pre-hypertension area. Doctors have long known that systolic blood pressure under 120 meant a lower risk of heart […]

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New iPad and iPhones Unveiled at Apple Event

Apple has unveiled the latest models of it iPad tablet and iPhone smartphone at its annual event along with its new TV box that has its very own app store.  The new version of the iPhone will have a screen able to detect how firmly the screen is being pressed while the new iPad Pro […]

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NASA Confirms Streaks on Mars Caused by Liquid Water

Tweet Following the big build up over the last few days about a big announcement, NASA has confirmed that it now believes that dark streaks seen on Mars are caused by periodic flows of liquid water.  Data from the NASA satellite shows these features on slopes are also associated with salt deposits.  These salts could […]


VW Car Sales Banned in Switzerland Following Emissions Scandal

Tweet Switzerland has placed a temporary ban on the sale of Volkswagen (VW) diesel cars in the country which may have the device installed capable of tricking emissions tests.  The country added that the move could affect 180,000 cars that are yet to be sold or registered in the Euro5 emissions category. The move follows […]


German Chancellor Admits Migrant Solution Still Some Way Off

Tweet German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that the solution for the migrant crisis in Europe is still some way off and the way it is handled will have a serious impact on the continent for the foreseeable future. Speaking to German MPs regarding the latest measures agreed by the EU on Wednesday, she said […]