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Self-Drive Trucks to be Tested on Nevada Roads

Freightliner, the big-rig manufacturer, has received a license to test their new autonomous driving tractor-trailer truck on the roads of Nevada.  The company had already created the technology and the vehicle but needed to test it on public highways, with the state agreeing they can do so. No hands The new self-driving vehicle will still have a driver in the driver’s seat … [Read More...]

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Experts Hail Person Cancer Vaccine as ‘Exciting’

New cancer vaccines that are tailor made for a patient based on their own unique genetic material and errors that make up the tumour has been developed in the US.  Tests on three people have shown that the immune system could be trained to fight skin cancer. The research, published in the journal Science, was […]

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Smart Waders Let Anglers Collect Scientific Data

If ever the angler needed an excuse to undertake their favourite hobby, then they now have a new one – they are collecting data to help study the waters for scientists.  A group of Dutch scientists have developed smart waders that not only help find the best spots to fish but also collect information about […]

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Gas Used to Enforce Baltimore Curfew

Tweet Police have made use of gas to enforce the curfew on the streets of Baltimore, the night after the city was hit with a wave of violence and arson.  The evening had seen largely peaceful protects when a few hundred people defied the 10pm curfew.  But faced with thousands of troops on the streets […]


Death Toll Tops 4000 in Nepal Earthquake

Tweet Over eight million people have been affected in the massive earthquake to hit Nepal on Saturday – around one quarter of the country’s population – according to information compiled by the United Nations. Aid has begun to arrive in the country but the UN estimates that around 1.4 million people need food aid.  There […]


Anzac Day Commemorates Gallipoli Centenary

Tweet Australian and New Zealand’s most important national occasions, Anzac Day, is this year focusing on the soldiers who died from the countries at Gallipoli in Turkey during World War 1.  Events are taking place through the day to mark the centenary of the landing of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (Anzacs) at […]