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New Study Shows What Fats are best to Cook With

For years now, we have all been told that certain fats are bad for us and should be minimalized.  At the same time, we have been told that certain oils are a far better alternative and should be used for cooking.  But the scientific opinion on this is changing and one study by the TV show Trust Me, I’m A Doctor has shown that cooking with so-called healthy oils may actually be … [Read More...]

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New Vaccine for Malaria Gets Green Light

The first ever vaccine for malaria has passed on of its final hurdles in the course of being approved for use in Africa.  The European Medicines Agency gave it a green light following scientific checks into its safety and effectiveness and means it can continue on its course to full approval. The drug, called Mosquirix, […]

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Apple Unveils New Music Streaming Service

Apple has announced that it is venturing into the music streaming world with the release of a new app that combines a music video library, internet radio station and song streaming service.  The service will use a recommendation system based on both computer algorithms and human curators to suggest songs to users and will be […]

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Lawmakers in Greece Approve Latest Bailout

Tweet Greek lawmakers voted overwhelmingly in favour to approve the harsh austerity bill put in place by the country’s creditors on Thursday, despite the significant dissent from members of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ own party. The bill imposes sweeping tax hikes and spending cuts, has fuelled anger in the Syriza party, and led to a […]


Pluto Probe Enters Key Flyby Process

Tweet The New Horizons probe sent by NASA to investigate Pluto has entered its key flyby process, the most intense encounter with the dwarf world in its mission.  The probe is set to fly past Pluto on Tuesday, taking a huge amount of pictures and gathering other data as it does. Controllers received a health […]


Bumblebees Vanishing Due to Climate Change Loss of Habitat

Tweet The reason that bumblebees are being effected by climate change is because they are losing their habitats, a group of researchers have announced.  The natural ranges of these vital pollinators is being compressed across both North American and Europe and analysis shows this may have a greater impact than the use of pesticides or […]